Duluth Cooperative Ministries emergency programs.

Duluth Cooperative Ministries and its partner churches help people in need by giving out free food, paying for expenses like rent and medication, and providing case management. Some examples of services that may be provided by the charity are services that are available across Duluth and Gwinnett County.

This agency provides free groceries for people in need through its food pantry. In some cases, clients are given vouchers for things they need, like medications or gasoline, to help them with things like job interviews. There is a high demand for emergency funds or loans for expenses such as water bills, rent, or utilities, but there will be very limited funds available.

The goal of the non-profit is also to provide long term support. Duluth Cooperative Ministries will use both volunteers and case managers who are trained for this activity. The volunteers will come from their partners, Perimeter Church and Old Peachtree Presbyterian, as well as Mount Tabor Baptist. Among other things, social work can help a client find a new or better paying job, enroll in Head Start, or address financial matters such as credit repair or debts.

Food and basic needs from Duluth Cooperative Ministries

The Duluth Cooperative Ministries provides clothing vouchers for people who are eligible and for families. The certificates can be used to buy items at the Thrift Store, and are part of the Hands of Christ program. This form of assistance cannot be given to other family members or turned in for cash.

The Thrift Boutique has a wide variety of inventory including shoes and clothes for men, winter coats for children, school supplies, and items for women and children. Shoppers of the store may purchase other clothing and household items at steeply reduced prices. The Thrift location is open to the general public and for those families who have qualified to receive clothing vouchers from Gwinnett County.

The Duluth Cooperative Ministries Emergency Food Pantry is a place where families and individuals can go to get emergency help. The churches will provide emergency groceries or food, personal items, clothing and vouchers for the store located on Fox Street based on donations.

Income qualified households that need food may get up to four free meals per year. The amount of help that volunteers give out at Duluth Cooperative Ministries is based on things like how many people live in the home and how much money they make. Donations are always appreciated. The site will be giving out boxed dinners, canned fruit, canned lunch, pasta mixes, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauce, and personal items such as conditioner, body soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant, and more.

Financial support and case management

If you are struggling to pay your rent or utilities, you can contact DCM for help. This assistance is available to families with children, low-income seniors, and people with disabilities. Families can use a program navigator to find out about different programs in Gwinnett County that can help them become more independent.

Those who participate in this program may be eligible for financial assistance. If they can’t afford where they’re living now, they can pick somewhere else to live and make a deal with the owner of the property for a reasonable price. Sometimes, DCM can help with the rent even if they don’t live there anymore.

Duluth Cooperative Ministries will work with the landlord to increase the eligibility for the housing if the client permits them to. If an agreement is reached, the property is then assessed and inspected to make sure it meets all health and safety requirements. The goal for these lower income families is to not become homeless again.

teachers who help students pass the GED exams in Georgia This is a certificate that proves a person has the academic skills of a high school graduate. The staff may provide referrals to local companies that could help the client get a job.

Programs that provide tutoring from DCM or local churches have been successful in helping students who struggled in public school to complete the GED testing process and earn their certificates. Duluth Cooperative Ministries provides services to help with employment needs. These services include providing a resume, help with job applications, and job search assistance.

The Duluth Cooperative Ministry is open a few days per week, but the time they are open each day is limited. The address is 3395 Fox St. Building 101. The phone number is 770-623-9563.

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