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Ector County and Odessa Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Ector County can help low income families and people who are struggling. The unit provides financial assistance with rent, food, school supplies, and utility bills to help people in need. Other types of counseling services that may be arranged are rehabilitation, youth day care, senior care, and assistance for immigrants. The charity provides financial assistance to those in need, including Christmas toy programs.

Financial assistance for the low income in Ector County

The Salvation Army has a presence in Ector County in the form of a Service Center that provides various services to the community. It helps those who are poor or unemployed. There may be grants available to help pay for things like rent, utilities, or water bills. Many of the clients are employed in the oil industry and may require temporary assistance.

There is not a lot of this financial aid available. The main goals are to stop homelessness in Odessa Texas and help families gain long term self-sufficiency. The Ector County Salvation Army has very limited funding, so they focus on helping with housing needs, like rent or energy bills. The government may also help pay for job placement services, such as clothing or gasoline. This is to help people get to the job. You can get free help from HUD to deal with your mortgage in Texas.

The Salvation Army food pantry in Odessa can help to stop hunger. If you are in need of groceries, the cupboard may have a free bag available for you. This should be enough to feed your family for a few days. Pantry contents are based on what is available and also what the client chooses. Some examples of what you could put in a bag for someone in need are canned goods, baby formula, or Ensure for the elderly. Other options for groceries and meals are also available. There are other food pantries in Texas that give out free food.

When a crisis occurs, people’s housing needs are addressed. Serves can help families who have lost their job, or shelter can help the homeless. If you are a child or woman who is fleeing domestic violence, you can get assistance.

The first priority is to make sure the person is safe. This is when the emergency shelter is used. A warm bed and hot meals or clothing are given to people who need them. The Salvation Army has shelters for men, women, and other age groups in Ector County. When all the shelters are full, people sometimes get vouchers to stay in motels.

Housing includes finding and living in a new place. The Salvation Army will work with the client to find local transitional housing. A case manager will help place individuals into a new, permanent home in Ector County once the family has met the goals that have been set, such as budgeting, rebuilding credit, employment, and saving money. There is housing available for senior citizens and affordable apartments for single mothers. Other units are for young people in the surrounding area. If there is not housing available in Odessa, the goal is to find a place to stay as close to the area as possible.

Seasonal assistance programs from Salvation Army

During the holiday season, families in Odessa who have low incomes can also get help. The Salvation Army provides Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas programs. There are a lot of resources. This sentence is saying that there are many different types of food available at this location, including hot meals, turkeys, meat, and ham.

Children from families with low incomes can also receive assistance. They provide presents such as toy trucks, clothing, dolls for girls, educational materials, and more during Christmas. This program provides gifts for children in need in Ector County. Children can get free school supplies from the charity during the fall months.

Rehab, youth, and ministry services in Odessa from Salvation Army

The center is also a participant in Adult Rehabilitation programs. The center helps adults with disabilities by providing them with education and training so they can be independent and productive members of society. The Ector County Salvation Army will help people with addiction problems using services such as Harbor Light. After someone has recovered from an illness or injury and is able to live independently, they may start to look for work and other support services. The goal is to help the adult become a functioning member of society again.

The Ector County Salvation Army also supports youth and immigrants. When parents are struggling to pay for the cost of day care, there are after-school programs available that can help. Mentoring volunteers and signing them up for affordable summer camp programs are also duties of case managers.

The charity stresses self-sufficiency. The Salvation Army provides assistance to those in need in Odessa County, including the unemployed, migrant workers, single mothers, and those living in poverty. There are many organizations that help those in need within a community. These organizations typically offer services such as pregnancy assistance, single parent assistance programs, worship services, and general help to less fortunate individuals. By providing these services, these organizations aim to improve the overall quality of life for everyone in the community.

Get financial help or free stuff from Odessa area Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Odessa is a resource for people who need financial aid, food, or help recovering from a disaster. The case workers also provide referrals for and assistance to the needy. The Family Services unit is located at 810 East 11th Street in Odessa, Texas. Call the number 432-332-0738.

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