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El Paso Colorado area Catholic Charities assistance programs.

The Catholic Charities center in El Paso County and Colorado Springs supports the nearby towns and counties in the region. There are social services and emergency assistance programs available for seniors, low income individuals, the unemployed and those who are struggling.

Marian House Client Services is an emergency assistance program offered in the region that provides primary care services. Various support services, including aid, support, and case management, are offered to low-income families and people who need a meal or who are facing a crisis. There is a support system in place for people in the El Paso County community who need help. If you need assistance, you can call for support. The organization does its best to help those in need, including low-income families, veterans, seniors, and people who are homeless or at risk of eviction.

Some organizations may provide aid directly, but most will likely refer those in need to local services and government programs which can help improve someone’s life situation. Some of the resources that are available in the area include transportation assistance like bus tokens, help with utility bills from COPE, Social Security applications, and referrals for temporary or permanent housing. This organization can help you with finding a job and provide you with the resources you need for the job. They can help you with things you may need for the job, like referrals and documents. They can also help you by referring you to education programs.

The agency provides emergency services which include a food pantry and clothing closet in Colorado Springs. These items include adult seasonal clothing, men’s work wear (heavy shirts and pants, boots, and gloves), hygiene products, blankets, and sleeping bags.

The Hanifen Center is a place where families and individuals can go to get help with their basic needs. They have a variety of programs and services to choose from, and they can also get emergency assistance if they need it. The resources are part of the Life Support Center programs and other Community Outreach. This organization provides services and referrals in eight areas that include childcare, housing, transportation, employment/income, life skills, education, mental health, and medical/physical health. The SET Homeless Medical Clinic provides medical care for the homeless, as well as Faith Community Nurses of Penrose Hospital and Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group.

Catholic Charities can help people apply for Project COPE, another emergency assistance program. The Emergency Payment Assistance Program was set up to help customers and families of Colorado Springs Utilities who are struggling to pay their utility and heating bills. There are many agencies in El Paso County Colorado and other parts of the state that can help people apply for assistance. If you need emergency cash, you can get it from the Marian House Client Services group or the Life Support Center.

The federal government provides the program with limited funding, which can be available for paying utilities and rent. Catholic Charities is an agency that can help families with paying heating bills and utilities when they have an eviction notice or are faced with shut off. This means that families will have more money to spend on other essentials like food.

The Catholic Charity soup kitchen is open every day of the year and is seeing an increasing number of requests for help. In the past two years, the number of meals served to children has doubled, and other aid is offered for seniors and people who are trying to make it through a difficult period.

Immigration services help families and newcomers get settled into the community. They can help with things like finding a place to live, getting a job, and enrolling in school. Immigration programs include services to help immigrants become citizens, as well as classes to help them learn English.

Marian House Life Support provides families with children in need with emergency basic necessities, and focuses on their needs. This resource has fought for children from low income families in the Pikes Peak region. The goal of this Center is to reduce the negative effects of poverty on children and infants by providing their parents with essential items to keep their children safe and healthy.

The program is designed to be beneficial for the whole family, and parents are welcomed into a bilingual and nurturing environment. You will be deciding on what basic needs have to be met for the person coming in through the intake process.

The assistance program offers families the opportunity to shop for baby equipment, clothing, blankets, supplies, formula and new toys from the Life Support shopping area after they have completed the application process. Mothers of infants receive baby food, diapers, and free baby formula. The aid is offered to help in an emergency and is not meant to be a long-term solution.

Life support provides pregnant mothers with the ability to shop for maternity clothing. This is a great benefit for mothers who want to be able to continue to wear stylish and comfortable clothing during their pregnancy. If someone is close to their due date, they can go to the Catholic Charity office to get a layette. This is a set of newborn supplies and items that are needed to take the baby home. Children of clients can also get free school supplies. Children of parents who are currently receiving assistance from Christmas and Birthday Buddy programs can also receive new toys, clothing and other gifts.

Referrals to other agencies can be made by advocates in El Paso County and the surrounding area. The licensed counselors are employed by the school and are available to work with families who could benefit from additional support and case management. These families must be willing to participate in the process in order for the counselors to help them.

The VITA program, which provides assistance with income tax preparation, is available at the Hanifen Center. The Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax credit for low- to moderate-income taxpayers. It is available during the tax season. If you need help filing your taxes or want advice on how to minimize your tax burden, you may be eligible for free services from a qualified tax professional.

Apply for assistance from Catholic Charities in Colorado Springs and central CO

The Catholic Charity offices in El Paso County are located on North Cascade Avenue in Colorado Springs. This is a number for a phone call. 23rd Street. You can also visit us at 14 W. 23rd Street. The address for Bijou Street in Colorado Springs, Colorado is 80903.

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