Assistance Program

Emergency financial assistance programs from Denver Urban Ministries.

Urban Ministries provides basic necessities for thousands of families in the Denver area every year. The agency provides a variety of services, referrals, and emergency assistance, with a focus on helping seniors, the unemployed, and the very low income become self-sufficient. Other information about government benefits is also offered, such as food stamps or LEAP.

Food programs such as groceries from the Choice Food Pantry and SNAP applications can be applied for. Denver Urban Ministries is committed to providing residents with access to nutritious food, including children. The center has been used by residents of the Adams, Jefferson, and Arapahoe.

The Choice Food Pantry from DenUM lets people pick the food they want and need, so they don’t have to waste anything. This system provides more food options than a pre-packaged grocery or canned goods distribution. Families can now choose which items they want to take home with them. There are other healthier food options available, such as low-sugar, low-sodium, whole grain options and fresh produce or vegetables.

There is a monthly limit to how often this can be used, and an annual maximum for those who qualify. The pantry will also promote good nutrition and meet the health and cultural needs of those from the region.

DenUM staff can help people enroll in SNAP. Case managers can help you apply for the food stamp (SNAP) program. The food bank is partnering with Hunger Free Colorado to help end hunger in the state. Be sure to bring documentation of your income, identification, expenses, any government benefits you receive, and your financial information.

A job and employment center is available on site to help with any employment needs. The non-profit helps people who are trying to get a new job or who are unemployed and looking for work. They provide supportive services to help these individuals. What are some job openings in the area including the counties of Jefferson, Adams, and other towns?

Some people who have turned to Denver Urban Ministries for help include people who are returning to the workforce after a break, people who have been unemployed for a long time, people who have recently been released from DOC, homeless people, and people who are facing barriers to being employed.

There are events where you can learn more about the LGBTQ community and how to be an ally to them. The job placement, resume review services and career counseling is limited and only available to those who come first. Some other services that DenUM provides are basic computer classes, writing cover letters, resume preparation, legal counseling, and career assessment. There is also access to equipment, including Telephones and Fax Machines, Hygiene Products, Clothing, and services to help get IDs and Birth Certificates.

Utility bills and heating assistance are mostly offered through referrals. The Urban Ministries in Denver has a phone line service where people can call in and ask for referrals to non-profit organizations and programs. The information will be taken from those seeking financial assistance when funding or grants are available. This means that people who need help must first fill out a form and be approved before receiving help from DenUM. All assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis for those who qualify. To find out more information, please call 303-991-3977.

If appropriate, referrals may be offered. The programs offered include Energy Outreach Colorado, which provides information on ways to reduce energy costs. The Colorado LEAP program is a federally-funded resource that helps county residents pay for winter heating costs. The Xcel Income-Qualified Weatherization Programs helps low-income families save money on their energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Utility assistance programs help low-income families pay for energy costs such as heating and electricity.

If you need help getting an ID or birth certificate, or a Colorado state ID, a case manager can help you. Additionally, the clinic will also help with any applications for out-of-state documents that may be needed. When you are applying for a job or public assistance program, it is often very important to have updated documentation. Denver Urban Ministries can help you with this by providing the documents you need.

The clinic offers health and medical care to those in need. This program is offered every other week by a certified RN Facilitator, Nurse Practitioner, and with additional support from several Denver School of Nursing students. They work together to provide health and wellness coaching, take blood pressure readings, and more. Other health services may include information on nutrition for pregnant women and infants, Pre-diabetes/Diabetes, how to live on a healthy diet on a budget, and there may be some assistance for medications.

Almost all of the programs offered by Denver Urban Ministries are available on a first-come, first-served basis to those who qualify. The company’s primary office is located at 1717 East Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado. If you want to talk to someone at intake or get information, call (303) 355-4896.

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