Essex County and Lawrence Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities provides self-sufficiency, basic needs, and emergency financial aid. The Essex County Massachusetts organization helps a lot of people who are struggling, unemployed, and poor every year. They also partnering with churches, other non-profits, and government agencies.

Not only can we help with things like food and shelter, but we will also accept and help any family who needs it. They will be provided with a plan to become self-sufficient, which will give them some of the choices they lost along the way. Catholic Charities provides assistance to immigrants and other vulnerable populations in northern Massachusetts, including help with obtaining documentation and citizenship, food, housing, and other essential needs.

The most common requests from the Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities are for food, housing, energy bills, clothing, and money to pay for heating costs. Some people are asking for help with getting furniture, baby supplies, diapers, and things they need for holidays. Some families who cannot afford a warm meal or food at Thanksgiving or gifts for their children at Christmas turn to their local church or Catholic Charities.

Free food, meals, and personal items from Catholic Charities in Essex County

There are food banks and soup kitchens across northernMassachusetts, Lawrence and Essex County. Catholic Charities affiliated agencies and churches typically have a food pantry where people in need can go to get food. Many locations offer free food and holiday support. Some churches may offer special programs for seniors, such as meals on wheels or congregate feeding sites. To find other emergency food pantries in Essex County, try searching online or contacting your local United Way chapter.

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Pantries strive to help those in the community who are hungry, children, and working poor. Anyone who needs a hot meal can go to a location that is open and has resources/donations available. Prepared holiday meals are usually available and delivered to those in need on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Many local centers rely on volunteers and donations, so please do contribute if/when you can. They offer a way for people to help those who are less fortunate and struggling.

Find emergency financial help for bills and housing

The charity, or local churches may have a small amount of money to help families who are in danger of being evicted or having their utilities disconnected. If you are out of fuel or oil during the winter, you may be eligible for assistance with your heating bills. Regardless of the need, only a partial payment would be made and funding is very limited. If you live in Essex County and are worried about being evicted or having your utilities turned off, please call us. We can help you with resources and the application process.

There may be other assistance programs available. The organization provides a variety of services to refugees, including helping them resettle, providing low-cost legal services, community interpreting services, and employment services. We always give out referrals and information to anyone who needs it.

Catholic churches that offer charity services are also a source of information on grants for financial hardships, personnel funds, and other basic needs. The state of Massachusetts and the federal government are both resources. Catholic Charities also works with the United Way to get financial assistance through grants. There are many sources of funding available for different purposes, such as cars, housing, emergency situations, etc. To find grant money, look for government or private funding opportunities that offer financial assistance for your specific project or goal. You may also search online databases or contact your local chamber of commerce or business development center for leads on grant opportunities.

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Assistance for immigrants, refugees, and newcomers in Essex County

Catholic Charities provides assistance to refugees and immigrants. This is available in all states and in Massachusetts specifically. The mission is to help newcomers to the country who may be lost without guidance and support. The county will have a program to welcome newcomers.

Many immigrants, refugees, and migrants move to Essex County every year. Many people are just looking for a better life for themselves and their families. Catholic Charities of Merrimack provides services to help newcomers adjust to their new surroundings and become active participants in their local communities. These services include providing information and assistance in multiple languages, as well as cultural and social activities. This can include help in applying for public benefits, finding a job, locating housing, and getting access to many other resources.

Employment and grant programs from Catholic Charities

The Employment Services office provides job search assistance and resources to all qualified residents, regardless of immigration status. A Catholic Charity case worker can help clients by providing information on local employers and free access to a computer. They may also offer services such as resume review and similar advice. Other programs that provide education or job assistance include Adult Education ESOL, federal government resources and related assistance.

There are many free job training, freelance jobs, gig work, and career programs available in Northern Massachusetts and the Merrimack Valley. Case workers are people who help those who are unemployed or underemployed. They can provide resources and assistance in finding a job or getting training for a new career. A more constant income is vital to steadiness. There are a few places where you can get free job training in Massachusetts. One place is at your local community college. Another place is through the state government’s website. Finally, you can also check with private companies that offer training programs.

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Applying for help from Catholic Charities in Essex County

The Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities provides assistance and support to the entire region, including Lawrence and Essex County. To reach customer service, please call (978) 685-5930.

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