Assistance Program

Eviction prevention assistance in Kane County.

There are programs that can help Kane County tenants and the homeless to keep their homes and also to find new housing. The community receives yearly grants to help fund access to adequate housing.

The services mentioned below have more information available. The programs offered can help with specific issues, such as the Emergency Solutions Grants program which can assist with rental arrears. There are other resources available that can help veterans in Kane County or provide housing for senior citizens.

Kane County HOPWA was created with the goal of helping people with HIV/AIDS. This means that this organization helps people who have HIV/AIDS, as well as their close relatives. The government is trying to help people who are poor and about to be kicked out of their homes. They are working with organizations such as the United Way to help these people.

The HOPWA program will not only provide housing assistance to individuals with an AIDS diagnosis, but will also offer other services as well. Assistance can include things like giving you information on where to find local medical care, or providing legal aid and food. If the client is homeless or has an eviction notice, the HOPWA program can often help them.

The Emergency Solutions Grants Program is often used when the government needs to provide money to stop an eviction. Each year, staff from various non-profit organizations in the city of Aurora or Kane County, such as the United Way and Salvation Army, decide which charities will be allocated grants. This means that if you are a low income tenant that is at risk of being evicted or falling behind on your rent, you can apply for financial assistance from the Emergency Solutions Grants program. Funding may be used to provide resources such as books, computers, and software.

Support can be given in the form of money or other resources to help with expenses like rent, heating costs, or water bills for people who are currently living somewhere. -ESG may also be used to pay for credit repair services or job placement.

To qualify for the ESG program, tenants must have a low to moderate income. The purpose of eviction prevention is to help people who are facing an unexpected emergency that they are not responsible for and could not have foreseen. This could be an issue such as a work hours reduction, a medical emergency/illness, or an unexpected bill. Some examples of people who have been helped in Kane County in the past include people who are homeless, have physical or mental disabilities, or are victims of domestic violence.

If a program has run out of funding, or an applicant is not qualified, then other government safety net programs can be used. As one example, those applicants with a very low income may be candidates for section 8 housing vouchers, which can help with future rental costs. LIHEAP can help pay for heating bills in Kane County, which can help prevent eviction.

The HOME program is a county-run program that provides housing assistance to both the homeless and those who need to be rehoused into a new apartment. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) partners with county governments as part of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). Together, they work to increase the availability of affordable, safe housing. There are apartments, shared housing, and other units available to families who are living in poverty. There are also homes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors. These homes not only provide seniors with a place to live, but also offer other services such as meals, recreational activities, and other care.

Veterans in Kane County can receive help with eviction from SSVF – Supportive Services for Veteran Families or HUD-VASH. These grants provide care for former military members through a combination of case management services. These individuals need our respect and support when it comes to their housing and other needs, and many agencies in Aurora work together to make sure this happens.

This means that someone is there to help you with your case, and to prevent you from being evicted. Organizations are always involved in improving the economic opportunities for families with low incomes and those who are chronically homeless. There is also support given to single mothers so they can get their children to safety and their family together.

For information on housing matters such as eviction assistance, contact for referrals. Families from all different income levels and backgrounds can get help and information on services that they may need.

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