Assistance Program

Financial assistance programs from Salt River Project.

There are resources available from both the government and private sources to help lower income customers of the Salt River Project. The programs can help people pay their bills to avoid a disconnection or save money on their utility expenses. The company will explore various options with qualified customers to help them with resources such as SHARE, weatherization, or federal government energy assistance programs.

The SHARE program is an ongoing resource that is available year-round. This program can help people with their utility bills during the summer and winter months. Many people find themselves in difficult financial situations during certain seasons, when costs are rising and it becomes a challenge to make payments.

The SHARE program, which is funded by the Salt River Project, is a partnership with the Salvation Army and other state utilities that provides assistance to customers in need. Local businesses and generous customers also contribute to the program. It can help people who are in a financial crisis. SHARE is a program that helps Arizonans with energy costs. Thousands of people benefit from it each year.

The program needs donations from the community to keep going. You can help someone in need by adding an extra dollar to your monthly bills. This donation will go towards helping them pay their utility bills. No matter how big or small, your contribution can make a difference in someone’s life who is struggling. Many people who are struggling, including seniors and low-income families with children, receive money from this program. This assistance can help them recover from an unexpected crisis.

All payments will be made as a one-time grant. This emergency assistance is given to Salt River Project customers who, due to some form of crisis situation, is struggling to pay their basic household utility bills. They should have also applied for and used other aid sources like LIHEAP. The program offers a limited amount of assistance per year, and it is not designed to help those in poverty or need.

The Salvation Army in Arizona gives out these funds. This means that every penny donated to SRP or The Salvation Army goes straight to the people in need, with no deductions for things like administration or office costs. Donations made are also tax deductible. There are three ways to donate: online, by calling Salt River, or by using your monthly bill.

A lower price may be offered to certain customers. This may help customers who have limited incomes to save money. This could save up to $17 a month on their regular SRP price. This is the phone number for customer service.

There are other government assistance programs that can help you. This means that the family does not have much money and is struggling to get by.

The Weatherization Assistance Program helps to conserve resources by improving the energy efficiency of homes. The Salt River Project service territory offers a federal government-funded program that helps low-income families and households save money. This will be done by making energy efficiency improvements. This will also help with energy-related health and safety issues in the client’s home.

The Arizona Community Action Association manages the program throughout Arizona. If you are a low-income homeowner, you can contact your local agency to see if you qualify for assistance. This means that in addition to government funding, SRP will also provide up to $6,000 per eligible household to help with energy-efficiency home improvements on top of weatherization.

Homeowners may qualify for subsidies on products that conserve energy, like insulation, window shading, low-flow showerheads, or faucet aerators. In addition to improving the home’s energy efficiency, weatherization may also help to lower monthly utility bills. Some weatherization activities that can be completed are installing energy efficient light bulbs, caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows, and having a professional tune-up of the home’s heating and cooling system.

The Medical Life Support Discount is a service from Salt River Project that provides a discount on medical bills for SRP customers. If you need equipment to sustain your life, you may qualify for a discount on your monthly bills. The patients, as well as their households and families, may be eligible for a reduction in their monthly bills. This is the number for the National Passport Information Center.

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