Financial support for bills from Bridge Ministries.

Bridge Ministries may be able to help families that are in difficult situations and going through a tough time. The organization provides assistance to those in need with rent, food, health care, and utilities. There is a focus on homeless and coordinating eviction prevention in the Birmingham Alabama area. The charity provides assistance to people who are less fortunate, and the primary programs for eligible individuals are listed below.

Some of the resources, such as the food pantry and even the financial support administered, rely on people giving money to support them. When you are able, please donate to the ministries. We appreciate your time and efforts.

They are a non-profit organization. The Bridge Ministries is a organization that helps people in emergency situations. The staff and volunteers work together to help people who need it. They can stop homelessness by providing information on, or giving money for, paying rent. If someone is about to be kicked out of their home because they haven’t paid their utility bills, they may be given a grant to help them pay. This means that if you are a Jefferson County resident and you apply for a loan, you may be given the money you need.

The homeless in Birmingham can get help with finding a place to stay, like a shelter, for a short time. There are also services available for people who are in-between homes. If you are having trouble paying the rent or move in costs for a new apartment, you may be able to get help from a security deposit program.

The Emergency Family Shelter is a place where homeless families with children can stay. There is housing available for single mothers or parents. If the Bridge Ministries facility is full or resources are not available, then vouchers will be arranged to pay for emergency lodging at a local motel.

If you are homeless, then the case managers or shelter directors can help you get access to resources like food and housing. Once the family’s situation becomes more stable and they have a consistent income, Bridge Ministries may be able to help them pay for a security deposit or their first month’s rent for low income apartments.

Food and nutrition are important factors to consider when trying to improve one’s health. The non-profit also has a small pantry in Birmingham with non-perishable food, groceries and personal hygiene products. These items are for people who are old, young, and poor who have to work in the county. Some organizations in Alabama only have enough resources to help people financially one time. So, people should only ask for help from these organizations when they really need it.

To help low income families, the unemployed, and others achieve stability. In addition to financial support for emergencies, social workers offer services such as case management, referrals for job retraining, and other human services.

This means that you will need to make a budget that you can stick to in order to be approved for the program. Your answer should include both income and expenses for the household. If someone in your home is unemployed and able to work, they will need to show that they are actively looking for a job.

Bridge Ministries is a referral service for many clients including hospice services and local hospitals in Jefferson County. The charity provides assistance to individuals who are struggling to pay for eyeglasses, dental care, prescription drugs, and other essential medical items.

Bridge Ministries can help coordinate additional support for people who have healthcare needs. The ministry works with hospitals, doctors, and hospice providers to help coordinate care for clients.

This charity provides financial assistance to low-income or uninsured patients who need medical care. The website provides free or reduced cost prescription medicines for those in need. Bridge Ministries will provide help to those who are homeless, low-income elderly, and disabled people who cannot pay for life-sustaining medications and durable medical supplies. They will prioritize those in need so that they can get the help they need to survive.

The staff from Bridge Ministries work with health care providers in Jefferson County, Alabama, to help families who are struggling to keep their utilities and housing because of medical problems. An exception to the one-time financial assistance policy may be made for someone who is too ill to stand in line for help or who is receiving hospice care.

How to get help from Bridge Ministries

If you would like to know more, please contact the ministry. The location is at the intersection of 11th Avenue South and 19th Street. They are located at Southside Baptist Church. To reach customer service, please call 205-930-0309.

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