Find a Chase Mortgage Centers.

Chase has created Homeownership Centers in various locations throughout the country. These centers provide homeowners with the opportunity to speak to a trained housing counselor who can advise them on various programs, resources, and services that are available to help them deal with their mortgage. The locations and phone numbers of the Homeownership Centers are below, as well as details on what types of mortgage and foreclosure programs are offered.

Meet with a Chase counselor

At the center, there will be a housing counselor available to speak with you face to face. Research has demonstrated that face-to-face meetings are more successful than phone calls or letters. The counselor will ask about your income, debts, and assets to get a clear picture of your finances. They want to help people stay in their homes and keep up with their mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure. We will look at all of the potential solutions.

The advisor will help determine what types of mortgage programs you are eligible for after the consultation has been completed. The bank will look at different programs with you that could help you keep your home, like the Making Home Affordable modification programs from the federal government, the Home affordable unemployment mortgage program, and a Chase loan modification. At the sound of the bell, all students will stand and remain standing until the teacher tells them to be seated When the bell rings, all students will stand up and stay standing until the teacher says they can sit down.

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