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Find assistance from South County Outreach.

South County Outreach can provide several services to low income residents in the region who are facing a crisis. Our main goal is to prevent homelessness in southern Orange County. A second goal is to provide food for those who are hungry. They operate a food pantry and transitional housing units to help people in need, and they may have some money to help with emergency expenses like rent or utility bills.

This means that if you are about to be kicked out of your home or have received notice that you need to pay rent or leave, there are programs available to help you. The program can also help those who are about to lose their power, as that can often lead to homelessness.

An appointment is required to complete this process. The tenant needs to provide documentation such as proof of income, expenses, identification of all household members, copy of a lease, and assets. The Outreach office may be able to help with rent or energy bills if you are in need. The funds can be paid out in the form of a grant, which does not need to be repaid, or a short-term loan. For more information about this program, please call (949) 380-8144.

Food assistance is available at the pantry in South Orange County. 7 Whatney is located in Irvine, CA and the phone number is (949) 380-8144. The center provides free groceries, food, fresh produce, dairy, bread and other items to over 1000 families each month. The center only provides services that people need and want.

The pantry is open to everyone, regardless of race, age, or religion. There are no restrictions in place. The South County Outreach agency focuses on feeding children and the elderly from the community. Over half of the clients of the center are children and elderly.

The Client Choice Shopping experience at food banks is more efficient than other food bank options. This means that people can choose healthy foods that fit their diet, and there is less food waste. This program is flexible in that it offers a variety of options for families to choose from.

There are computer classes available for people who are unemployed and for people who want to learn new skills. The school offers sessions on various software applications such as Excel, Microsoft Word, resume creation, and Powerpoint. The goal is to help people in Orange County become more comfortable using a computer so they can find employment. The phone number is nine four nine, four six one, nine zero six six.

South County Outreach runs a thrift store. This means that families who have very little money can get help from the government to pay for things they need. The government will give them a voucher that they can use to pay for items at no cost to them. The store offers low-cost, gently used goods that can be used for things like holidays or work/school clothes. This website is a resale store for thrift items, and the proceeds from these sales go towards funding various assistance programs.

The goal of transitional housing is to help people who are struggling or homeless to find permanent housing and become independent over time. This housing is combined with case management services to help people achieve these goals. South County Outreach will require participants to pay a portion of the security deposit for the home in order to use the services.

A Case Manager is assigned to each guest of the center to help create a plan that addresses the reason for their hardship. The goals of the transitional housing program must be met in order for someone to continue using it, which includes creating a budget, saving money for future rent, and increasing income.

There are many other aspects of the transitional housing service. Licensed Clinical Therapists and staff work with non-profits to provide additional support. Career coaching involves working with a professional to help you plan and achieve your career goals. Free professional work apparel may include clothing, shoes, and accessories that are appropriate for your work setting. Legal aid may include assistance with understanding and navigating the legal system, as well as providing representation in court. The case managers and specialists from South County Outreach will help their clients improve their financial condition by offering credit counseling and debt reduction services. This will help them be able to move into permanent housing.

The center is located at 7 Whatney, Suite B, Irvine, California 92618 and can be contacted by phone at (949) 380-8144. Only residents of the southern part of the county can use the resources.

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