Find rent assistance in Yolo County.

There are many organizations that provide rent assistance and other housing programs in Yolo County to help those who are homeless and at risk of being evicted. The main places to go to for help with rent or security deposits are below. There are programs that can help with housing, such as free legal aid from lawyers, motel or hotel vouchers, and section 8 housing vouchers from the PHA. There may also be government grants and loans that can assist with housing.

The Yolo County and Woodland community offers financial assistance for rentals. There is financial assistance available for people who are low income, disabled, single parents, elderly, or migrant or immigrant workers. This assistance can be in the form of emergency money for housing or back rent or utility bills. There may also be case management, free legal aid or landlord-tenant mediation from lawyers, and eviction prevention services available. The goal is to provide financial assistance to those who are at risk of being evicted or homeless, in order to help them maintain stable housing.

Turning Point is an organization that helps people with mental and physical disabilities. One resource that can help people who are struggling with housing is supportive housing. This type of housing provides residents with support services that can help them maintain their housing and improve their overall wellbeing. This could be financial assistance for things like bills, rent, or other programs. The non-profit runs the Housing Support Services (HSS), which helps people with mental illness find housing. The Turning Point is located at 212 I Street, Davis, CA 95616. Call this number: (530) 601-5959

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Yolo County Housing helps people with rent subsidies and affordable apartments. This means that they will have a better chance of getting approved for section 8 housing assistance. They are located at 147 West Main Street, Woodland, CA 95695. To find out the latest information on the wait list or applications, call (530) 662-5428.

The Short Term Emergency Aid Committee, also known as STEAC, helps people who are at risk of becoming homeless. They have programs that help people with things like housing, food, and clothes. STEAC is based in Davis, California. The organization provides various types of assistance such as emergency rental assistance, eviction prevention, security deposit help, food, legal aid, and social services. The organization also provides grants to cover the cost of rent for the first month. The applications are also available in Spanish, and you can dial (530) 758-8435 to get them.

The Yolo County Health and Human Services is located at 137 North Cottonwood Street in Woodland, CA 95695. They offer support to people who are poor, unemployed, and experiencing poverty, including CalWorks cash aid, welfare, and homeless prevention from government grants. Other forms of aid that are offered include Medicaid applications, motel vouchers, and SSI disability. I would like to call the number (530) 666-8150. HHS also has an office in Davis, California, on 600 A Street. To learn more about public assistance programs in California, please call (530) 757-5502.

Catholic Charities of Yolo County/Solano has a program that provides financial assistance to families in need. The Seasons of Sharing program provides emergency rental assistance to low-income individuals and families who are facing eviction or homelessness. Also, the government gives money to organizations that help the needy. There are many government programs that help people in need, including loans, tax relief, assistance for the homeless and immigrants, and other services. The government also provides funding to nonprofit organizations that help people in need. Please call 707-644-8909.

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The Davis Community Meals and Housing provides assistance to the homeless through street outreach, transitional housing, and financial assistance for rent and utilities. There are also emergency homeless shelters and programs that can help the client save money for moving, rent, or deposits. The non-profit is located at 1111 H Street in Davis, CA. The phone number is (530) 753-9204.

The Francis House Center helps people who are vulnerable and have housing needs, including the elderly, migrants, teenagers, single moms, and others. The address of the location is 8001 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95826. To place a call to (916) 454-212, one would dial the number on a telephone.

Fourth and Hope provides emergency overnight shelters, food, and meals for the homeless. The address is 285 4th Street, Woodland, CA 95695. To get more information, call (530) 661-1218. If you’re in a tough spot and need help with rent, there are resources available that can help you out. Don’t wait, reach out for help today or tomorrow.

The Society of Saint Vincent and the Saint Martin Catholic Church may offer emergency financial or rental assistance to those in need, often immediately. The St. James Catholic Church may also offer similar assistance to those in need. A home visit is often needed, but the charity provides assistance to those who are less fortunate. The free rent money can be used to help pay for furniture, case management, referrals and other support.

The Our Lady of Grace Conference, which is part of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, may have money available to help with partial rent payments at 911 Park Boulevard in West Sacramento, California. The phone number is 916-371-5264

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The California Indian Manpower Consortium can help Native Americans in Yolo County. There is a wide range of social services that are offered either directly or through referrals. CIMC can help with applications for free government money for things like rent, utility bills, medical expenses, food, and more. The address 738 North Market Boulevard, Sacramento, California 95834 is located in Sacramento, California. Most of the rent assistance financial aid is from CSBG. For more information, please call 916-564-4053.

The Legal Services Of Yolo County – Northern California can help tenants who are facing eviction. The lawyers can help with the legal needs of any pay or quit or eviction notice. Rules and regulations, help in housing court, assistance with housing discrimination. There are free lawyers and attorneys located at 619 North St, Woodland, CA 95695. Call (916) 447-5798 for information.

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