Rent Assistance

Find rental assistance in Staten Island.

There are a few agencies that offer short or long term rent assistance to tenants who are struggling in Staten Island. There are government programs that help low income families across the city and Staten Island with free legal aid or grant programs. Organizations that aim to help people in need may offer financial assistance for things like rent or security deposits, as well as provide resources like shelters and other housing options. There are many options available for grants, loans, or free legal defense from law firms in Staten Island.

The rent assistance programs are available to people who are lower to moderate income or struggling due to some hardship. There are programs and services available for immigrants, seniors, the disabled, minorities, and other residents of Staten Island. There are usually other services offered alongside grants to help with rent or a deposit, such as help with utilities, legal aid, job placement, and credit counseling.

The Northfield Community LDC of Staten Island works to improve housing conditions and access to affordable housing on the island. The agency provides resources and support to residents and works to ensure that everyone has a safe and comfortable place to call home. The program provides assistance with rent, housing, referrals to government grant programs and home buying services. They are an organization that helps people with housing on Staten Island who are approved by HUD. This financial help is combined with other resources in order to help with rent or buying a home. The address is 160 Heberton Avenue, Staten Island, New York 10302. If you need information, you can call (718) 442-7351.

The Staten Island Housing Authority is responsible for many housing, homebuying and rent programs. They offer assistance with applications for HUD section 8 vouchers and low income rent subsidized apartments. The also help people with low incomes and the working poor to buy homes, become self-sufficient, process loans, and manage public housing units in the borough. Other forms of assistance for rent or housing may also be offered.

The Salvation Army Community Centers are locations where people in the Staten Island region can go to for help. There are two of them in the area. They offer a number of social services and programs for things like housing, rent, utility bills, food, and more. The financial aid is not unlimited. If there is enough money, low income families, tenants who are having a hard time, and people who are about to be homeless may get help. The organization provides financial assistance for rent, mortgage, water, energy bills, and other necessary expenses. There are places that the homeless can go to for help, like shelters and transitional housing. In Staten Island, there are specifically homeless shelters and transitional houses that people can go to for help.

The two locations of The Salvation Army are Port Richmond Corps Community Center which is at 1295 Forest Ave, Staten Island, New York 10302 and The Salvation Army Community Center. The Christian charity can be reached at (718) 442-2145, or Stapleton Corps Community Center may be able to help at 15 Broad St, Staten Island, NY 10304. To reach someone by phone, dial 718-448-8480.

This help with things like food, money, or a place to live. There are programs in place to help people who are struggling to pay rent or are in danger of becoming homeless. These programs provide things like food and money assistance, or a place to live. There is assistance available for people who need help paying rent, as well as those who need money for a security deposit or storage costs. There are various rent and housing programs available on State Island. There are several programs that can help you find an affordable rental unit and prevent you from becoming homeless. These programs include Homebase, CityFHEPS, the Family Homelessness & Eviction Prevention Supplement, and others. What are some homeless prevention programs in New York City?

The Staten Island Legal Aid Society offers free defense against eviction, including representation in housing court. Lawyers and paralegals, as well as volunteers, provide assistance with various tasks. These tasks can include providing legal advice, representing clients in court, and preparing legal documents. Unsafe or inadequate housing, evictions, housing discrimination, applications for HUD section 8 rent vouchers, landlord eviction notices, and more. The address for this location is 60 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY 10301. If you need legal advice, call 718-273-6677.

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