First Family Service Center programs of Talladega County.

The main objective of First Family Service Center is to help families in a crisis, regardless of their income. The non-profit will help families in Talladega County or the state of Alabama find financial support. The staff will provide support to the client after they leave the program, as well as any volunteers from the community that the client may have.

There is also help for people with disabilities and older people throughout the county. Other support will address the needs of low-income individuals including the homeless, migrants and the elderly. The Talladega County First Family Service Center provides assistance to anyone, regardless of age, race, religion, or background.

Emergency shelters and transitional housing are temporary solutions for people who are homeless. The First Family Service Center can provide emergency financial aid for rental expenses in some cases. There are various private and public organizations that can provide financial support for these types of services. For example, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a government agency that gives grants to help with housing and urban development projects.

Anyone who needs help with housing, whether it’s money for a home or a place to stay temporarily, must go through case management services. The non-profit provides legal, personal, budgeting works, and more. They work with credit counseling agencies in Alabama to help people reduce their debt. Clients need to meet with case managers on an ongoing basis to discuss the progress of their case.

The point of all this is for customers to make their own plan to take care of the main reason for their difficulty. Somebody who wants to improve their financial situation will usually start by saving up money to cover necessary expenses, and then getting training for a better job. If you are an immigrant in Alabama, you may be required to take ESOL classes. The case management process can result in a variety of outcomes.

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The Emergency Support Program provides financial assistance to households in crisis. The government will provide financial assistance to families who have unexpectedly fallen on hard times and are not responsible for their current situation. The event must have made the household’s finances worse.

If you are experiencing family problems, the Talladega County First Family Service Center may be able to help you. There may be funds available to help pay for a past-due utility bill or rent. The family will be given free food or a gift certificate. The majority of clients will also need to sign up for a Financial Education component.

Volunteers from the community will help with low cost home repairs. This is for people who live in single-family homes and make a low to moderate income. The clients will need to be vulnerable, such as senior or disabled.

I will make changes to the home that will improve safety and health. -Different types of repair work that can be done on a house, like fixing the roof or electrical wiring. There are a few things that can be done in order to make the bathroom more accessible which include installing grab bars and making similar updates. The goal is to improve living conditions for families.

Basic needs such as food or clothing

Other support that addresses nutritional shortfalls in families is also provided. Some people have dietary needs that require special attention, like children and seniors. These needs can be met. The First Family Service Center will also try to provide other household items such as clothing or school supplies, especially to children or parents that have a need for them.

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Qualified lower income families can get non-perishable food items from this program. This food will be given out at the Family Service Center’s on-site food pantry. This will help them to have enough food at home. If someone is not able to leave their home, for example a senior, then the items can be brought to them. This service provides nutritious meals for families.

A thrift store provides clothing for people who need it. Some people will be given a free voucher to go to a store where they can get things for free. At this site you can get free shoes, linens, clothing, uniforms, boots, and home items. This center will help families who have been affected by a disaster. The voucher will be worth a certain amount of money based on the applicant’s income and the size of their household.

Contact information

The phone number for more information on their services is (256) 362-7254.

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