Assistance Program

Fond du Lac County assistance programs.

Dental assistance

The Save a Smile dental program helps low-income residents in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin pay for dental care. It was founded in October 2007.

The Medical Assistance program has helped over 500 children over the last two years, and those 500 kids visited the dentist almost 2,000 times since the program started.

There are over 5500 children and 3000 adults in Fond du Lac County Wisconsin who are eligible for the Medical Assistance Dental Program. This is a 25% increase for children and a 30% increase for adults from the previous year. Some people and families have been affected negatively by the economy, experiencing reduced salaries or the loss of health insurance. Give the Wisconsin Department of Transportation a call at (920) 929-3085.

Help with paying energy and heating bills – Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP)

This government program provides grants and other assistance to low and moderate income families to help them pay their bills. The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) helps eligible families and individuals pay their home heating costs during the winter. The Energy Assistance Program is a program that helps people with energy costs. Energy Services, Inc. administer the program. Main Street This group is located on Main Street. The address is Main Street, Suite 711, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935. You can call them at 920-929-3445 (questions) or toll free at 1-800-506-5596 to set up an appointment.

Financial assistance programs in Fond du Lac

The Solutions Center offers a variety of emergency services to help students in need. Aid is targeted at those households who are most in danger of becoming homeless or at risk of losing utility service. Rent and energy bill assistance may be available for families in Fond du Lac County. To reach someone by phone, dial (920) 923-1743.

The Saint Vincent De Paul branch in Fond du Lac relies on local churches, volunteers, and donations. They work together to help people who need money for an emergency. This can include helping clients with everyday expenses like rent, utilities, transportation, and medical emergencies. You can find basic household items like dishes and silverware as well. This is an address. It is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

The Fond du Lac Salvation Army’s phone number is (920) 923-8220. They provide a variety of resources. The main goal is to provide help and support to families. This can include financial assistance for unexpected expenses, help with rent, services for people affected by disasters, clothes, and even grants to help pay for utility bills. During the winter, children can receive a warm jacket from Coats for Kids or school items from the program known as Operation Back to School. A food pantry is a place where people can get food for free. There may be free Christmas and Thanksgiving meals and toys available as well.

Advocap, Inc. is the local community action agency. There are a variety of resources available for people who are struggling financially, including the unemployed, seniors, and others. The organization has a food pantry that provides food for people in need. This organization also manages the Head Start program, which helps children and parents with literacy, nutrition, mental health, and social services. They also connect individuals with community resources, provide advocacy, and educate them about available resources. The case managers help the individuals by providing them with the resources they need to find a job and keep it. They also help them connect with community resources, provide advocacy, and educate them about available resources.

Housing services provide people with a place to live, either through renting or by offering low to moderate income units. In addition to credit counseling, down-payment assistance, and loan options, homeowners can also get help with rehabilitation. The goal is to prevent homelessness in the area, so one-time grants may be offered for those facing a crisis.

ADVOCAP of Fond Du Lac County is a program that helps with weatherization, offers loans for starting businesses, and can provide funds for paying a ticket if it impacts employment. The address is 19 W 1st St. To make a reservation, call (920) 922-7760. I need you to click on the link so that I can show you what I mean. I need you to click on the link so that I can explain further.

Free food from pantries

The Brandon Community Food Pantry provides food for people in need. To get help from the food pantry, call (920) 273-2875.

Broken Bread is an organization that provides canned goods, meals, and food to people in an emergency. Other assistance such as help for holidays and Thanksgiving may also be available. The center is located near St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral. The address is 51 W Division St. and the phone number is (920) 921-3363.

Shared Blessings is an outreach service provided by Celebration Assembly Fond Du Lac. This service provides assistance to those in need within the community. The food bank also provides free food and groceries. The telephone number is 920-922-3990.

The Community Thrift & Food Pantry provides essential items to those in need and also sells items to the public. The also help with emergency food needs. The address is 102 West Jackson Street in Ripon, Wisconsin. The phone number is (920) 748-5756.

Health care for low income families

The Samaritan Health Clinic helps people who don’t have health insurance and who don’t qualify for government medical assistance, like Badgercare. The clinic at St Agnes Hospital offers basic health care services. The center offers a pharmacy, limited emergency dental care, check-ups, and vision services. The address is 430 E Division Street, Fond Du Lac, WI 54935 and the phone number is (920) 926-4841

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