Food Pantries

Food pantries in Norfolk.

Food pantries support people in Norfolk, Virginia, whether they have a lot of money or are struggling. There will be an application process, but in general, non-profits will not turn away a family or individual that is facing hunger.

Pantries can sometimes provide a box of groceries that can last a few days. If you need a free hot meal, there are soup kitchens across the City of Norfolk.

There are other assistance programs that residents can explore, such as Meals on Wheels and SNAP food stamp applications. There are many different types of assistance available for people in need, including government food assistance, food pantries, and clothing banks.

The Episcopal Church of the Advent is located at 9629 Norfolk Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23503. The main phone number for the church is (757)-587-0125. The food pantry at the church is only for residents of Ocean View, which is located in the city of Norfolk. Essentially, any food that can spoil or go bad may be provided through this program. This includes things like fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. Additionally, non-perishable items like canned goods and holiday food baskets may also be provided.

The Salvation Army in Norfolk, VA can help people in need up to one time per month. They can be contacted at (757)-543-8100. Case management includes linking to food stamps. There may also be clothes from a thrift store, holiday meals, Angel Tree Christmas gifts for children, and housing/shelter.

The Grace and Hope Mission Food Bank is a place where people in need can go to get food. It is located at 2800 Lafayette Boulevard in Norfolk, Virginia, and its main phone number is (757)855-7175.

Norfolk Charity provides a food pantry, clothing closet, and furniture for those in need, as well as items such as diapers or baby formula.

The main number for Saint Columba Ecumenical Ministries is (757)-627-6748.

The food pantry at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension is only open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

The Shekinah Glory International free food pantry is open once per month.

The Ghent Area Ministry is a food pantry located at 1301 Colonial Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia. They provide assistance with food, clothing, school supplies, and gas or prescription vouchers. The churches in Norfolk help those who are in need, such as low income families, senior citizens, and the homeless.

The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church is a church located at 232 Chapel Street in Norfolk, VA. The church is open to the public and visitors are welcome to attend services.

The Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church has a soup kitchen that provides free dinners to the public. The church is located at 288 East Little Creek Road in Norfolk, Virginia, and the main phone number is (757)587-2996. Food from Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is offered as well.

The New Hope Christian Community Center provides a soup kitchen for those in need. The Norfolk family program also provides a free clothing closet with winter coats for families in need. There is also a computer lab, which can be used by those people who rely on the food pantry for groceries. This lab can be used by those people to help them find a job or fill out online applications for government assistance.

The Open Door Chapel is a place of worship located at 3177 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. The chapel can be contacted at (757)-340-1441.

The FOTE Outreach and Community Development Program provides Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets to those in need. The program is located at 3420 Club House Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and the main phone number is (757)431-0052. There are also Christmas meals available, as well as small toys. You may also be referred to programs such as WIC or food stamps.

If you need help finding food pantries, you can call 757.627.6599. Norfolk Virginia families can apply for SNAP food stamps at designated locations. Other resources for food assistance may include brown bag lunches for the elderly, surplus USDA commodities, and baby formula.

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