Assistance Program

Franciscan Connection services and emergency assistance.

The Franciscan Connection may have very limited financial aid and support available. The faith based group can help those who are struggling with poverty, single mothers, the unemployed, and seniors. Although the emergency assistance is restricted because of how much money is available, the faith-based group will still help in any other way possible.

The help and advice is given in a way that shows care and concern. They help the less fortunate with what they need without judging them. They try to come up with creative solutions to help low-income families and individuals. The focus is on being able to support oneself, including having a job and being able to afford a place to live.

The help and assistance comes from people who are generous, willing to help, friends, and even those who live nearby. The St. Louis community is often willing to help people who have no other options. The goal is to help people have a place to live and to be safe and have enough food.

Outreach programs, along with emergency financial support, have been operating since the early 1990s. The Franciscan Friars partnered with the Sacred Heart Province to start this. Over the years, we have assisted thousands of people from the community. I’ve listed the main programs available below.

There is always a high demand for heating and utility bill assistance in St. Louis. This will focus on people who are less fortunate, elderly, or families with young children or infants. During the cold St. Louis winters, it can be important to keep heat on, and Franciscan Connection may have funds available for paying these utilities.

If we help people pay their utility bills, it will often stop them from having to go without heat or electricity. This is especially important for disabled people or seniors who cannot leave their homes. If it’s cold outside, wearing a coat can prevent you from getting sick and possibly save your life.

There are clothes and school supplies available for people who are looking for a job or for students. There may be a variety of donated items available, such as shoes, backpacks, and suits. Having something new, like shoes or school supplies, could help a child or teenager feel ready for the first day back in school. This will also help them to become more confident.

Employment services may help with transportation to an interview. If someone’s car breaks down, they may be given vouchers for transportation while the car is being repaired.

The seasonal help in St. Louis include a free Christmas basket with meals or toys for children. This is a great way to help out families in need during the holiday season. This could make a family’s holiday time more enjoyable and spread happiness. What are the traditional foods served at Thanksgiving and Easter?

The goal of Franciscan Connection and its volunteers is to not only provide emergency aid and services, but to also break the cycle of poverty in St. Louis. This means that they will have someone to support them and help them manage their case. This is for people who need help. The charity will help connect the person in need to government benefits or other churches that can help them. Making sure the client is able to take care of themselves is a priority.

This means that everyone is welcome and that no one will be excluded based on their age, race, or religion. Many families are led by a single parent, or are made up of minority groups. There are also people like elderly widows, disabled people, and homeless men who request support. Many people only have TANF, SSDI, Social Security, or entry-level wages as their source of income. People need to be out of all other options in order to use this product. The people who need this service must also have low incomes.

The Franciscan Connection is a center that helps people in need. It is located at 2903 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63118. Please call the number (314) 773-8485.

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