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Franklin and Oxford Maine Salvation Army emergency assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in the Oxford and Franklin County region of Maine operates all year long. The help available will change depending on the time of year, how much money is available, and how many donations are received. If someone does not qualify for help, they may be given referrals to other resources.

During certain times of the year, students and children can get help. There are many different programs offered by the Salvation Army in the Franklin County area, including the Tools for School program (which provides free school supplies) and the Christmas Angel Tree (which passes out toys and presents). The center will also help parents find summer camps in Maine or affordable day care.

These programs that are focused on children depend on donations from the community for financial support. Some of the items that are always needed in the office are folders with prongs, pencil bags, rulers, toy trucks for boys, dolls for girls, Christmas stockings, clothing or uniforms, pocket folders, crayons, shoes, and more. You can donate these goods year-round, but they will be given to children in need during the fall or winter as part of the Angel Tree or Back to School Drives in Franklin and Oxford, Maine.

There are a number of locations around the community where people can go to drop off their recyclables. The Angel Tree is a Christmas tree that has tags with the name and Christmas wish of a child in need. The tags are usually placed on the tree by a local charity. People who see the tags can then choose to buy the child the gift they have asked for. This allows people from the community, or employees at a business, to help the less fortunate have a better Christmas.

The Salvation Army emergency food pantry in Franklin and Oxford County, Maine, is a place where people can get groceries, holiday meals, and other items. This center relies on donations to keep the shelves stocked. Some of the most commonly requested items from food banks include cereal, baby formula, soup, rice, and food for senior citizens.

The food pantry also provides other items such as hygiene products and clothing. This location also provides everyday household items. It can be hard to get these things because there is not a lot of them. The center may have paper towels, razors, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and more. These extra goods are often given as part of food drives from churches or charities. Other companies such as Wal-Mart will also donate money.

If someone is struggling to pay their bills or has housing needs, the Salvation Army in Franklin and Oxford County Maine may be able to help them out with a small amount of money. This aid will be given in the form of a grant. The applicant will also need to contribute to some of the bill, or they need to obtain additional contributions from other sources. The Salvation Army does not and will never pay an individual’s entire rent or energy bill. The client also needs to be fully involved in the process. There are many ways to get assistance from grants. You can contact the government agency that administers the grant program, or you can search online for grant opportunities. You can also ask your local library or community center for help in finding grant opportunities.

There is also financial assistance for those going through a difficult time. For example, if someone who is the main wage earner in a family has a medical crisis, it can cause financial hardship for the whole family. The Salvation Army may help with some basic living expenses or offer access to medication. If you need a voucher for transportation to a job interview in the Maine capital region or a critical doctor’s appointment, that may be arranged. The financial aid from Family Services will be used for medical reasons and/or homeless prevention only when there is enough funding.

The Salvation Army provides services to seniors and the elderly in Franklin and Oxford. There are also resources for housing provided by the organization. The center has a database of affordable apartments that the elderly can use. This is a great resource for those who are looking for a place to live that is affordable and within their budget. Many places offer discounted or free rent for seniors, as well as meals, trips, and activities designed specifically for them and their spouses.

Regional Salvation Army social services in Franklin and Oxford area

The organization may also provide other types of assistance. They can help the homeless locate a meal or a shelter in the Franklin and Oxford County region. The Salvation Army may also assist with some utility or water bills. There are also counseling services available for those who need it, both faith-based and regular. We provide many other resources, you can call us at (207) 623-3752 or come visit us at the center. The Salvation Army is a regional organization that helps people in need.

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