Franklin County Ohio housing and energy bill assistance.

Residents of Franklin County, Ohio who need help with housing, eviction prevention, or energy bills can turn to several social service and assistance programs for help. The Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services provides assistance to low income families and the most disadvantaged. Resources and emergency assistance programs are available, and are highlighted below.

The purpose of the Homeless Program is to provide financial assistance with rent, emergency shelter and transitional housing to the working poor and homeless across the region. A variety of programs and resources are available to help the homeless population in Franklin County and Columbus Ohio. These programs can provide permanent housing, low income housing, and other resources to help people who are at risk of becoming homeless. The funds can help people pay for the security deposit and the first month’s rent. Case management and services can also help individuals with finding a new place to live. This could include help with searching for a new home or apartment, budgeting for housing costs, and/or coordinating with moving services. The goal is to help those who are currently homeless, and to prevent people from becoming homeless.

The program can also help people who are homeless or at risk of being eviction. The county believes that the best way to stop homelessness is to take a proactive approach and can provide emergency rental assistance when needed. If you are about to be kicked out of your home, you may want to look into this option.

If you live in Franklin County and have a low income, you may be eligible for the Emergency Heating Energy Assistance Program. This program provides emergency grants to low-income, elderly, disabled individuals and others to help pay their energy and heating bills. If you’re a resident of Columbus Ohio or Franklin County and need help with heating bills or fuel oil, contact Impact Community Action at 1-866-747-1038 or 614-252-2799. The Breathing Association is another non-profit agency that can accept applications. They can be reached at 614-457-2997. A phone line has been set up to answer questions about this and other energy saving programs. The number is 1-800-282-0880. More information about Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services is available.

In addition to the cash assistance and grants to pay energy bills, many of the non-profits above can help low income and working poor people in Franklin County make their homes more energy efficient. Weatherization is a program that helps people make their homes more energy efficient. By improving the efficiency of their home, people can save money on their energy bills.

The Affordable Housing Program provides financial resources and technical assistance to low/moderate income residents to improve and repair their homes or buy their first home.

The Franklin County Ohio Affordable Housing Program not only provides affordable housing options to those looking to buy their first home, but also offers a number of other services to current homeowners. Some of the aid is offered to local non-profit organizations and some is offered directly to qualified residents in the county.

The types of programs offered include assistance with lead paint abatement, down payments, and home foreclosure counseling, as well as grants for weatherization and home repairs and improvements. Additionally, water quality updates are also available.

Family Services counselors will be able to meet with residents across the county. They will go over your finances, see what you need, and if any of the programs designed to help with housing could be of assistance.

For a list of housing and energy programs, call the Franklin County Department of Job & Family Services. The State of Ohio’s main office is located in Columbus, and the agency can be contacted by phone at 614.233.2000.

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