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Free back to school supplies in Greater Birmingham area.

Low income families in the Birmingham, Alabama area can get free back-to-school supplies, including clothes, notebooks, backpacks, book bags, Chromebooks, and many other items. There are several school supply drives and giveaways that take place in the region, including Jefferson County, Bibb County, Blount County, Chilton County, St. Clair County, Shelby County, and Walker County. School supplies can be obtained for free by both single parents and two-parent households. There are many free clothing closets in Jefferson County. The list below is just a sampling. You can find other free clothing closets by doing a search online or asking around.

Different types of supplies can be given to people in need, and these supplies are typically donated by other people. There may be notebooks, pens, pencils, backpacks, bags, tablets, and clothes (including shoes, pants, jeans, dresses, socks, etc.). The residents of Birmingham, Alabama may also be eligible to receive free gift cards or certificates to shop at stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and other similar stores. Some students may be given free laptops or Chromebooks to use for online learning.

The school supply giveaway events are generally for students from grades K to 12 and generally take place in the summer or fall. Some charities or churches may offer help all year long. Depending on what is necessary. The amount of time and resources required varies depending on the situation.

The Rotaract Club of Birmingham strives to improve the local community through programs such as Ready to Read, which provides books to local libraries, and Ready to Succeed, which provides information on free scholarships to local students. The club is located at 2019 4th Ave N in Birmingham, AL, and can be reached at (205) 251-1995.

It is based in Birmingham, and helps families in Jefferson County. Clothes, toys, school supplies, computers, tablets, and more for kids (or parents or job seekers) as well as donated items. This focus includes helping with school, educational, and employment needs so that the person can be independent and not rely on others. Birmingham Family Services is an organization that helps families in the area with various needs. They offer a variety of services, including counseling, financial assistance, and resources for families. They also have a program that helps families with children who have special needs.

The programs at the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church include a food pantry, summer snacks for students, sneakers, notebooks, bags, and other free educational supplies.

The Birmingham Urban League is an organization located in Birmingham, Alabama that offers programs aimed at helping individuals with career development and education. The main address for the organization is 1229 3rd Ave N, and the main phone number is (205) 326-0162. The League is committed to supporting the development of Shelby, Chilton, Jefferson and the entire Greater Birmingham metropolitan area. We believe that by working together, we can create a thriving and vibrant community for everyone. There are various resources available at the college including computer labs, educational resources, and free supplies for college or ESL students. Additionally, there are other services available to students.

The Motivational School Supply Giveaway is an event that happens once a year at the Roosevelt City Recreation Center. Invite them on dates.

More Than Conquerors Faith Church is located at 1327 Dennison Ave SW in Birmingham, Alabama. The church’s phone number is (205) 322-2644.

The Assistance League of Birmingham provides clothing to low income families in Jefferson, Shelby, and Chilton counties through Operation School Bell. There are books, pencils, and school supplies for kids of all ages, from elementary school to high school. Get food. A national non-profit that helps people who are less fortunate, vulnerable, and immigrants.

The Salvation Army provides many services including utility assistance, food assistance, and disaster relief. The Salvation Army has locations throughout Greater Birmingham that provide utility assistance, food assistance, and disaster relief to those in need. The faith based charity is holding free back to school supply events. Donations and volunteers are always helpful and appreciated. Many students need supplies like book bags, backpacks, notebooks, highlighters, games, and other things to help them succeed in school. There may be financial aid for emergencies, food, Christmas toys, clothes, and free vouchers. The Salvation Army is providing assistance to people in Alabama who have been affected by the recent storms. They are offering food, shelter, and other resources to help people get back on their feet.

This is a Christian organization that provides assistance to low income families with children of all ages. The main telephone number is (205) 833-7712. There is a place where you can get clothes, vouchers for school supplies, toys, books, and more.

Birmingham City Schools Special Needs is a school that provides free supplies, medical equipment, and more to students with special needs, whether a mental or physical disability or those that need help learning. Can help those who are blind, deaf, and have other disabilities. Books, medical equipment, clothes, and other school supplies that are free of charge.

EACM is a faith based charity that helps the needy in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Provides financial assistance, gift certificates and emergency assistance to partnering organizations such as Wal-Mart and Dollar stores in Jefferson County. The government provides free clothes, school items, books, shelter, housing, and other programs to those in need.

The Central Alabama United Way is a non-profit organization that has a free back to school supply drive. 3600 8th Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama 35222. Dial 888.421.1266 The school supply drive may include items such as crayons, hand sanitizer, markers, rulers, erasers, binders, notebooks, scissors, glue, paper, and more. Referral programs for students, laptops and other back to school events are available.

My Child’s Closet is a client choice clothing closet that provides clothing to children in need. The closet is located at 309 23rd St N in Birmingham, AL. Those interested in donating or volunteering can call 205-541-8436. There will be free clothes or uniforms for students of all ages and genders. Underwear, socks, sneakers, pants, and other clothes. Sometimes, there may be small school supplies available for free, such as a backpack.

The YWCA of Central Alabama is a youth organization that provides resources for young girls and older students. Their main address is 309 23rd Street North in Birmingham, Alabama, and their phone number is 205-322-9922. They help women learn new skills, help students with their studies, provide free hygiene items and other support. The goal is to provide education and break the cycle of poverty.

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