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Free clothing closets, furniture and school supply programs in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area.

Low cost or free items such as clothes, furniture, diapers, and back to school supplies are available for families in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia from clothing closets and furniture banks. These agencies help by providing food, clothes, and other necessities to people in need. They also offer counseling and support to help people get back on their feet.

There may be school supplies, work clothes, seasonal clothing, and furniture or household supplies available for free. There are many places that will give you stuff for free, but some places (like thrift stores) might sell the items at a lower price to anyone who wants them.

Some shelters may provide more than just clothes. They may also offer food, water, and a place to sleep. There are people at certain locations who can help you get a job, apply for government assistance, or access other programs that can make you more independent. The locations listed below usually have a small staff and rely on the generosity of people in the community to keep the shelves stocked. These locations typically have items such as shoes, winter coats, school uniforms or bookbags, and supplies. Some household goods may also be available at the Virginia Beach locations.

Kids Closet is a store that sells clothes for children and teenagers. Virginia Beach United Methodist Church operates it. There are also back to school giveaway events in which free shoes, backbacks, and other supplies are given to low income parents with children.

They also offer other items such as school supplies and personal hygiene items. Volunteers and staff collect, sort, and distribute items. There is a large variety of footwear available. Items are given to people who are not as lucky as others in the Virginia Beach area.

They also offer a food pantry. Open Door Chapel is a church that provides a thrift store and free clothing closet for low income, needy, and working poor individuals. They also offer a food pantry for those in need. This means that companies sell products that people use in their everyday lives. This can include items like furniture, clothing, and other household items. This furniture may include beds, sofas, electronics, lamps and many other items.

Bethany Christian Services of Hampton Roads is a nonprofit organization that provides many services for pregnant women and newborns. These services include counseling, adoption, and foster care. Some of the services the organization provides are pregnancy counseling, post adoption services, referrals to medical care for pregnant women, and maternity clothing. Some companies may offer free formula and diapers.

The Potter’s House @ Virginia Beach United Methodist Church is a place where people can go to get free material items or financial aid. The address is 1709 Pacific Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 and the phone number is (757) 428-7727. There is a bicycle program at the ministry. You can get free clothes, food, work attire, hygiene goods and more.

The Salvation Army is a religious and charitable organization that provides a variety of social services, including food and shelter, to people in need. The Salvation Army’s Hampton Roads Area Command is located at 5525 Raby Road in Norfolk, Virginia. For more information, call (757) 543-8100. This means that people will be given help with getting food and clothes. Some organizations and charities offer free Christmas meals, gifts, and other assistance to people in need during the holidays. They also have events for low income students from local Virginia Beach area schools where they can get free back to school supplies. Financial assistance may be offered for basic needs such as rent or energy bills, but it is more limited. The Salvation Army has two locations in Virginia Beach. The first is located at 3700 Salem Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. The second is located at 203 West 19th Street, Norfolk, VA 23517. To reach a customer service representative at this company, please dial 757-543-8100.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul-Saint Matthew Catholic Church in Virginia Beach is a place where people in need can go to get free items like food and clothing. To get referrals to this society, people can call the main office at 757-420-6310.

The Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project provides services and referrals to low-income individuals. The project is located at 2551 Almeda Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia, and the telephone number is (757)858-1360. This can include information on places where you can get free clothes. They also provide crisis programs, food, and emergency financial assistance. This means that some resources are available at very short notice. Southeastern Tidewater STOP will continue to offer assistance programs to eligible residents.

Kempsville Presbyterian Church has a free clothing closet for people in need. The address is 805 Kempsville Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 and the main phone number is 757-495-191. They help people who don’t have much money and who are having difficulty getting clothes and other things.

The non-profit Wounded Wear will offer modified clothing for veterans in the region at 4200 East Indian River Road, Chesapeake, VA 23325. The telephone number is (757)773-8079.

Our clothes closet is open to the public and offers free or low cost clothing options to those who may need it. The clothing closet is located at 2147 Old Greenbrier Road, Chesapeake, VA 23320. To view a map of the location, please click here. For more information, please call (757) 424-8800. There is a process for applying and being accepted. If people in the Hampton Roads area need help, they can apply for assistance.

The Norfolk Baptist Association offers a variety of services to its community, including but not limited to intake and counseling. To learn more, please call (757)938-9793. A variety of baby items that are either given away for free or at a very low cost. These items may include clothes, diapers, car seats, play pens, and linens. Pregnant women may also receive free items. This means that students from elementary school to high school may receive book bags, backpacks, and many other items.

The Office of Human Affairs in Newport News, Virginia provides clothing to low income and needy families. The clothing is gently used, clean, new, or used. This means that the items will be in good condition and not damaged. Aid is offered for children from families who cannot afford to provide for their children. There aren’t many job opportunities in the Hampton Roads area.

210, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 The address for the Greater Faith House of Refuge is 5441 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Ste. 210, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. The clothing bank is a place where people can get clothes and hygiene products for free. This is for people who need a place to live and food to eat.

The Goodwill Super Thrift Store in Hampton, Virginia is focused on helping people who are looking for employment. They offer a variety of services to help people find and keep a job. The organization will work with individuals to help them become independent. They give away clothes, household items, and other things people have donated to their stores in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area. They also help connect people with the federal government.

The church provides a thrift store and free clothing bank for low-cost resources, as well as food. Assistance in the form of gift cards, vouchers, and other aid can help low income parents afford a crib. There are also other services available such as diapers and maternity clothes. They also try to give students from low income families items like shoes, pens, pencils, and other things they need for the school year. A thrift store that sells furniture at low prices.

The Soldier and Family Readiness Center is a place where soldiers and their families can go to get help and resources. The center is located at 601 Hines Circle in Newport News, Virginia, and the telephone number is (757)878-1974.

The church provides free clothing, furniture, food and other household goods to help individuals through tough times. Other supplies such as blankets, lines, and goods may also be given out.

The Children’s Health Investment Program of South Hampton Roads provides families in the region with access to safe sleep education and free Graco Pack n’ Play cribs.

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