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Free coding classes, boot camps and workshops from non-profits.

Coding boot camps have become popular in the United States because there is a shortage of qualified coders and IT professionals. They offer free programs around coding, programming, and other technical skills. These coding classes and workshop programs can help low-income families and people who want new skills but may not be able to afford college or technical schools. These coding camps teach employable tech skills much faster than traditional computer science degrees.

There are many different places where you can learn new skills, including for-profit programs and colleges. This means that although community college may be cheaper, you may have to pay for extra classes or a deposit. This means that even though they may have the same qualifications as college graduates, they are still not able to get the jobs they want because they do not have a college degree. However, that is not always the circumstance. A number of non-profit groups are investing in coding and IT training, providing low-income workers with an achievable and relatively quick path to a sustainable career.

The programs below offer free technical training. They can help immigrants, people seeking new skills, the under or under employed and others by providing them with resources, training and support. People who work in the gig economy, and who want to learn coding skills, may find these free non-profit programs to be very valuable. One has a “deferred payment” plan, but the rest are completely free to qualified job seekers.


If you want to learn a coding skill from home at your own pace, freeCodeCamp is a good option. This organization offers free, online certification courses that are self-paced. The courses offered cover a wide range of topics related to web development, including information security, responsive web design, JavaScript, front end libraries, data visualization, and APIs. Each course consists of hundreds of hours of training, providing students with a comprehensive education in web development.

To be eligible for these web-based programs, you only need a web browser. There is no guarantee of a job or financial aid after completing an online program.


This non-profit provides an online program for those who are looking for an alternative option. Free coding courses are available online, and learners can apply for apprenticeships with companies near one of LaunchCode’s locations.

LaunchCode has a three-unit central course. This class covers the basics of programming and how to build web applications. For the third unit, students can choose a specialized track such as C#, JavaScript or ASP.NET MVC. The entire program is 20 weeks long. The student only needs a laptop with Windows 7 or later to participate.

LaunchCode students can apply for an apprenticeship with one of the organization’s partners after completing their program. These opportunities are currently available in the Kansas City, Saint Louis, Miami, and Tampa metropolitan areas. This means that occasionally they will have a job available that is not in one of these areas. The apprenticeships usually last for three months, after which the partner company decides whether to hire the person permanently.

Per Scholas

Per Scholas is an organization that started in 1995. They refurbish used computers and give them to area schools and low-income families. The group has expanded from just operating in New York, to seven other cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Newark.

The organization offers a variety of IT and coding programs that do not require any payment from graduates. The courses offered vary by city, and students must be able to attend in person on a Monday-Friday daytime schedule. -The CodeBridge web development program is an example of a course that can help you learn new skills and get certified in a certain area. -The Systems Administrator course with CompTIA and AWS certifications is an example of a course that can help you learn new skills and get certified in a certain area. -Cyber Security with a Cisco CCNA certification is an example of a course that can help you learn new skills and get certified in a certain area.

Courses are conducted in a short, intense style that assumes no prior IT knowledge and usually runs for about three to five months. New courses start at least once a month. The phone number to reach someone for more information is 404-793-2309.


This company offers a year-long program in either iOS, Android, or full-stack web development. The program helps students get a job at the end of the training period and then supports them for three more years while they are making payments.

The cost of the program is 10-20% of the student’s salary during the three years of support, but only if the student earns a salary of at least $60,000 at a tech industry job. This means that students will not have to start paying back their loans until they get a job that uses the skills they learned in the program.

The one big limitation is that Pursuit is not available outside of Queens, NY. The students need to be physically present for the entirety of the training. Pursuit plans to expand to new locations, starting with New York.

Revature coding boot camp

The courses offered by Revature’s 12-week coding boot camp include Java and JavaScript, C#, SQL, AWS, Hadoop, CSS, and HTML. These courses are free of charge. The program is unique because it allows students to work for the company as a consultant after they finish their training. There are also opportunities to work for Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies.

If you are accepted into Revature’s program, they will help pay for your travel and accommodation expenses, as well as giving you free books and a stipend to help cover your living costs. The program is currently available in Dallas, New York, Tampa, the Washington DC metro area and Morgantown, WV.

The program is good, but not as easy to use as some of the others. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree, it can be in any field. Call 703 570 8181.

TechHire – federal government coding grant program

TechHire is a government initiative that provides grants to organizations that help people find jobs in the tech industry. This means that there are many different types of programs that can be offered by TechHire providers, as long as they help to address the lack of workers in entry-level IT and coding roles.

There are 237 organizations that provide TechHire training in the US, mostly in large cities and counties. The types of programs offered by different providers can vary a lot, but they all cover the basic tech skills that are commonly needed in business settings. These skills include things like DevOps, cloud computing, web development, data science, and hardware support.

How do TechHire programs operate? To qualify for most programs, participants must be between the ages of 18 and 29. The initiative’s programs are typically short, only lasting a few months. This is because one of the initiative’s key beliefs is that students can be prepared in a matter of months, not years. Additionally, many of the programs include a component that helps graduates secure jobs after completing the program.

The Odin Project

Like freeCodeCamp, The Odin Project offers a variety of online coding courses that are free and self-paced. These courses cover topics such as web development, Ruby and Ruby On Rails, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The programs are designed with separate lessons for each topic.

This does not lead to a job or internship, and there is no financial assistance. This is very convenient, but it can also be a downside. The program is also meant for people who have no prior IT experience.

Year Up

The Year Up program is a one-year program that teaches a variety of workplace skills, both technical and business-related. The program is free of charge to participants. The program has corporate partners that students can intern with. Students receive a stipend during training and during the internship, as well as college credit for some of the classes they take. Mentors are assigned to each student to provide guidance and support throughout the duration of their training.

Year Up is a program that helps young adults aged 18-24 gain the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. The program is currently available in 15 states, usually located in or near each state’s largest city. You can reach Year Up by calling 855-YEARUP1.

There are many non-profit organizations that help people learn new skills for today’s economy. Coding is very important, and the free programs and courses are very beneficial. These organizations are expanding to more states and cities, so they may have information on free computer programming and coding.

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