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Free employment assistance and job training programs Oregon.

Oregon residents that need help finding a job or want to register for training can receive assistance. The state offers a number of resources from government-sponsored WorkSource Centers. There are programs in Oregon that can help people from all walks of life to improve their education and income. Whether you are a veteran, a young person, or a senior citizen, there may be a program that can help you reach your goals.

Older adults with a lower income may be eligible for the Experience Works Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). If you’re looking for a job, the federal government’s WIA program can help you out. It provides things like job counseling and training to people who need it. The organization may provide job training, experience to workers, and general supportive services. People will also learn how to become self-sufficient and improve their lives. The goal of SCSEP is to help seniors and older workers find and keep permanent employment, and to help them earn more money.

After an initial assessment, participants will be part-time work at qualified government agencies, charities or nonprofit organizations based on their employment goals. The senior will learn new skills and gain valuable work experience. This is accomplished as they complete their community service training. The participants of the Oregon Experience Works program receive supervision, training and experience from their employer, while their wages and any fringe benefits are paid by the program.

Open Culture is an educational program that provides access to free online courses, audio books, and other cultural resources. There are several services offered. It can be helpful for clients to learn English online for free. It gives you a bunch of stuff to help you learn languages. The Goethe Free Language Tests is a language testing service similar to the Test of English as a Foreign Language in Oregon. This website allows users to test how much they have learned. The service provides language tests and multilingual vocabulary exercises to help users improve their language skills. Pumarosa is a program that is available in Oregon that helps people with mental illness. This website was created to help adult Spanish speakers learn basic English. It is based on phonics and includes audio interactivity.

There is more computer training available on the Microsoft Digital Library. This service is for Oregon residents who are either new to computing or have some experience. The curriculum will give clients a good basic understanding of computers. Courses can teach people essential skills to be more successful at home and work, including how to use computers and technology to complement their lifestyle. The counselors will help you choose a career that will allow you to use your skills.

The Trade Act can help people who are currently unemployed and lost their job because of increased foreign competition. If your job was outsourced, then you may be a possible candidate for being laid off. This can happen when a company moves its production to another country to take advantage of cheaper labor or to be closer to its customers. It can also happen when a company buys goods or services from another country. The main goal of the Trade Act Programs is to help those impacted workers return to suitable, mid to long term employment as quickly as possible. The state will give them many different types of services, advice and advantages.

This service is part of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act and provides Rapid Response Services for Laid Off Workers in the United States. This federal law is requiring employers in Oregon to give their employees at least 60 days notice before a mass layoff or a plant closing. The main purpose of the legislation is to provide workers who have been impacted by unemployment or who are about to become unemployed with additional time to seek new opportunities for retraining or employment. Specialists can help them during the time after they are laid off from their job.

The Oregon Dislocated Worker program helps people who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own. The program is administered by the Department of Community Colleges & Workforce Development and provides services to help people find new employment. The WARN information is to notify the state of layoffs, closings, or relocations of businesses with more than 100 workers. This unit is responsible for collecting information from businesses in Oregon that are laying off 100 or more workers, closing down, or relocating. This information is used to provide advance notice to workers and help them plan for unemployment or retraining. The state provides services to workers who have lost their jobs due to plant closures or layoffs through local, non-profit program providers. If you have lost your job or are about to be laid off, your local WorkSource center may have retraining and other assistance available to you.

The Reentry Transition Center is a place where prisoners and ex-offenders can go to get help with transitioning back into society. They offer services such as job placement, housing assistance, and counseling. If you need help with immediate needs such as food, hygiene products, or a place to stay, we can help. We also offer alcohol and drug assessments, and can help you stay connected with family and friends through email and phone calls. Oregon families can get additional money by donating plasma. The main goal is to make people self-sufficient and able to support themselves long-term, through things like education and vocational training.

The Success for Life: Education and Reentry Programs is one part of this. This will cover topics like prison reentry, self-employment, and micro enterprise development. The program will help women in Oregon who are incarcerated learn skills that will be useful in life, business, and reentering the community. The Successful Job Search for the Ex-Offender workshop is offered to empower ex prisoners in the state. The workshop provides tools and resources to help ex prisoners successfully find employment.

One of our key partners is Southeast Works. They help us with a lot of our job training and placement programs. This organization helps people with criminal records to learn how to talk about their offense with potential employers. The service helps you develop the skills you need to find a job in a tough job market. The focus is on people with a criminal background.

The Oregon Career Pathways program includes both educational and job training components. This also provides support for students. This government-funded program will help qualified clients get ahead in a high-demand industry, get a career or gain skills for a new occupation.

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a free service that provides expert guidance on employment issues related to disabilities, as well as general workplace accommodations. In Oregon, people can get free information and contact with consultants. There is help available to people with disabilities to make them more likely to get a job. People with disabilities will be given the opportunity to show employers how valuable and talented they are in the workplace. This program provides assistance through live chat online or over the phone. A service that is similar to Access Careers is one that offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to increase their access to part-time and full-time jobs and careers. This includes students who are preparing for future employment in Oregon.

The Oregon Employment Department provides resources and services for veterans. The state has people stationed in many town and cities to assist. If you are having trouble transitioning back into the civilian workforce, seek out advice and support. There are many resources available to help you make this transition. Do not be afraid to ask for help. The website provides information on training opportunities available to veterans and their spouses. If you need help with your resume or job applications, counselors can connect you with representatives who can help. They can also provide guidance on choosing a career, access to workshops and clubs, and information on employment opportunities with the Oregon government and federal government. All veterans will always be given priority and will be notified of any openings before anyone else.

There are many WorkSource Centers located in different areas throughout the state. The counselors can help the clients to look for work, find out about career paths and also help them to understand their current abilities in math, reading and technical skills. If you need help connecting with local businesses and employers, we can help you. The centers provide clients with job listings in Oregon, referrals to hiring events, and assistance with applications and resumes. They also offer free internet access for job searches, training workshops, and access to phones, copiers, and fax machines.

Get help in improving your job search skills. The staff at the centers will help the clients to understand what skills and strengths they have; They will also teach them how to interview and network; They will help them to understand what businesses value and also provide information on local businesses and their respective pay scales. If you want to learn new skills, improve your existing skills, or find out more about your interests, there are many resources available. You can find information on skills training, adult basic education, local apprenticeship programs, continuing education, and take part in skill and interest assessments.

Locations of Oregon Workforce Job Centers

The Linn County Workforce Development Center is located in Albany, Oregon. The telephone number is (541) 967-2171.

The Washington County address is 241 SW Edgeway Drive in Beaverton, Oregon. The phone number to call for hours is 503-526-2700. Multiple services are available at this location including resume review, free career counseling, and job search assistance.

The Marion County Assessor’s Office is located at 120 E Lincoln Street, Room 115B in Woodburn, Oregon. The telephone number is (503) 982-2817.

The Dalles700 Union St Suite 105The Dalles, OR 97058Telephone – (541) 296-5435

The address is 500 N Highway 30, St Helens, Oregon 97051 and the phone number is (503) 397-4995.

The Deschutes CountyAddress is located at 1645 NE Forbes Road, Suite 100Bend, OR 97701. The telephone number for the Deschutes CountyAddress is (541) 388-6070.

The Brookings/Harbor – Curry County office is located at 16261 Highway 101 Suite #11, and can be reached by phone at (541) 469-9836.

Monroe, Suite C Burns, OR 97720 The Harney County Burns office is located at 809 W. Monroe, Suite C Burns, OR 97720. The address is Jackson Street, Suite 400, Burns Oregon 97720. The telephone number is (541) 573-5251.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office is located at 120 S Washington St in Canyon City, Oregon. The office can be reached at (541) 575-0744.

The Clatsop County government is located at 450 Marine Drive in Astoria, Oregon. The county government provides many services to residents, including a telephone number to reach county officials.

The address for the Baker County Sheriff’s Office is 1575 Dewey Avenue, Baker City, Oregon 97814. The phone number for the office is (541) 523-6331.

Coos Bay is the center of Coos County. The main address is 2075 Sheridan Avenue, North Bend, Oregon 97459. The phone number is (541) 756-8459.

The Benton Workforce Development Center is a place where people can go to get help with finding a job. The address is 545 SW 2nd Street, Corvallis, OR 97333. The telephone number is (541) 757-4261.

Polk County is located in Dallas, Oregon and its address is 580 Main Street, Suite B. The county’s phone number is (503) 831-1950.

The Wallowa County Sheriff’s Office is located at 104 Litch St, Enterprise, OR 97828. The telephone number is (541) 426-4972.

The Lane County WorkSource is a resource center in Eugene, Oregon that provides employment and training services to individuals and businesses. The center can be contacted by phone at (541) 686-7601.

The Lane County office is located at 3180 Highway 101 North in Florence, Oregon. The phone number to reach them is (541) 997-1913.

The Josephine County office provides support for residents of the county. The office is located at 1569 NE “F” Street in Grants Pass, Oregon, and can be reached by phone at (541) 476-1187.

WorkSource is an organization that helps people find jobs. They have an office in Gresham, Oregon, and another in the Portland Metro East region. You can call them at (503) 669-7112 to find out more information or to schedule an appointment.

The Hood River County office is located at 205 Wasco Loop, Suite 101, Hood River Oregon 97031. The telephone number for the office is (541) 386-6300.

Klamath County is located in Oregon and its county seat is Klamath Falls. The county’s main telephone number is (541) 883-5630 and its address is 801 Oak Avenue.

The address for Union County is 1901 Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon. The telephone number is (541) 963-7111.

The address of La Pine is 16493 Bluewood Place, La Pine, Oregon 97739. The primary number to call is (541) 536-5380.

The East Linn Workforce Development Center is located at 44 Industrial Way, Suite B in Lebanon, Oregon. The center can be contacted by telephone at (541) 259-5787.

The Lincoln County Address is 801 SW Hwy 101, Suite 102 Lincoln City Oregon 97367. You can call the center at (541) 994-6992.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is located at 243 SW 3rd Street, Suite B in Madras, Oregon. The telephone number is (541) 475-2382.

The Yamhill Center provides employment services to the community. If you are interested in learning more about these services, please call the center at (503) 472-5118.

The Jackson County Address is 119 N Oakdale Avenue in Medford, Oregon. The phone number for Jackson County is (541) 776-6060.

The address for the Milton-Freewater is 84105 Highway 11 in Milton-Freewater, Oregon 97862. The telephone number for the Milton-Freewater is (541) 938-3373.

The address for the Lincoln County Jail is 120 NE Avery Street, Newport, Oregon 97365. The phone number for the jail is (541) 265-8891.

The address for Malheur County is 375 SW 2nd Avenue in Ontario, Oregon. The phone number to call for hours is (541) 889-5394.

The Clackamas County Address is 506 High Street in Oregon City, Oregon. The phone number for Clackamas County is (971) 673-6400.

The Umatilla County Offices are located at 408 SE 7th Street in Pendleton, Oregon, 97801. The telephone number for the office is (541) 276-9050. A second office is located at 950 SE Columbia Drive, Suite B, Hermiston, Oregon 97838 and can be reached at (541) 567-3381.

The address for the Portland Metro is SE7916 SE Foster Road, Suite 104Portland Oregon 97206. The telephone number is (503) 772-2300.

You can find WorkSource Metro Central of Portland at 30 N Webster Street, Suite E. Give them a call at (503) 280-6046.

WorkSource centers are located throughout the Portland metro area and offer a variety of services to job seekers and employers. The WorkSource Portland Metro Columbia Express Center offers employment assistance and job training programs to people in the Portland metro area who are seeking new skills or who are currently unemployed. Services offered at the center include job placement, job training, and career counseling.

It also offers access to internet and computer use, as well as a variety of other services.

The case managers at this office can provide you with information over the phone.

The Douglas County Address is 846 SE Pine Street in Roseburg, Oregon. The phone number to reach them is (541) 440-3344.

Umpqua Training is a workforce center that provides services to help people find jobs. They are located at 760 NW Hill Avenue in Roseburg, Oregon. For more information, you can call them at (541) 672-7761.

The Marion County WorkSource is an employment center that provides resources and assistance to those looking for employment. The center is located on Cottage Street in Salem, Oregon and can be contacted by telephone at (503) 378-4846.

The Lane County building is located at 30th Street in Springfield, Oregon. The phone number for the building is (541) 736-7828.

The St. Helens Address is located at 500 N Highway 30, Suite 320 in St Helens, Oregon. The main phone number for the address is (503) 397-4995.

The Dalles is located on Union St Suite 105 in The Dalles, Oregon. The primary phone number for The Dalles is (541) 296-5435.

The address for Tillamook County is 2101 5th Street, Tillamook, OR 97141. The phone number is (503) 842-4488.

The main office for WorkSource Portland Metro is located at 7995 SW Mohawk Street in Tualatin, Oregon. The phone number for the office is (503) 612-4200.

120 E Lincoln Street, Room 115B Woodburn, Oregon 97071 (503) 982-2817

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