Free healthcare clinics Little Rock Arkansas area.

Low-cost or no-cost medical care is available at clinics in Pulaski County and Little Rock, Arkansas. The health and dental centers can help patients with their medical bills by offering a number of services at reduced rates or for free for income qualified individuals or people with no or limited health insurance or those on Medicaid. The best free community clinics in the area are listed below.

Pulaski County has medical clinics for residents who don’t have insurance or who are low income. Families and individuals have access to quality medical care at an affordable price. This includes checkups, immunizations, dental cleanings, prescription medications, eye exams, insulin, and help for basic illnesses.

If a person needs care that is more specialized than what the health and dental centers can provide, the centers can usually refer the person to specialists in Little Rock and the region. They tell patients to go to medical billing advocates to help them with health care costs. At the end of the day, families or individuals who cannot afford insurance, medicare or Medicaid can now get the care they need. Community clinics in Pulaski County offer free help to anyone who needs it.

The Jacksonville Clinic provides medical assistance and support to the public. The clinic is located on 3000 North First Street in Jacksonville, Arkansas. The clinic’s phone number is (501) 982-7477. They offer health care programs to low-income people, some of which may be free for those who qualify.

They offer care to those who are sick and do not have access to health insurance. They also have a food pantry on site. The Central Arkansas Presbyterian Stew Pot is a non-profit community health care clinic that provides care to those who are sick and do not have access to health insurance. They have a food pantry on site and are open every Friday. A doctor from Pulaski County will usually visit the site once a month.

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The Arkansas Department of Health has a center for local public health in the central region of the state. The center is located at 200 South University Avenue, Suite 310, in Little Rock, AR 72205. The main phone number for the center is (501) 661-2136.

The Arkansas Department of Health’s Pulaski County Central unit is located at 3915 West 8th Street in Little Rock, AR. The phone number for intake is (501) 280-3100.

The Pulaski County Southwest health center is a government-funded medical facility that provides care for residents of the state of Arkansas. The main phone number for the center is (501) 565-9311. The best way to find affordable healthcare is to apply for Medicare or Medicaid. You can also get referrals to free or low cost community clinics. There are also other government-funded healthcare programs in Arkansas.

If you need help paying for your prescription medication, you can call Catholic Charities of Arkansas at (479) 927-1996. They may be able to give you a voucher for free or reduced-cost drugs. Can provide some basic medical care, such as checkups, immunizations, and health education.

The Harmony Health Clinic is a community clinic located at 201 East Roosevelt Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. The clinic’s phone number is (501) 375-4400.

St. Francis House is a place that helps people in Arkansas with things such as food, clothes, and money. You can reach them by calling (501) 664-5036.

The Watershed Human and Community Development Agency provides referrals and information.

The Arkansas Department of Health has a center for local public health in North Little Rock. The address is 2800 Willow Street, North Little Rock, AR 72114. The telephone number is (501) 791-8551.

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The Gardner Memorial United Methodist Church is located at 1723 Schaer Street in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The church can be contacted at (501) 374-9520.

The mission of the River City Ministry is to provide low-income families and individuals in North Little Rock, AR with access to essential needs like food, clothing, and utility assistance. They also offer financial counseling and education services to help people get on track and stay on track with their finances. The office is located at 1021 East Washington Avenue North Little Rock, AR 72114. The phone number to reach them is (501) 376-6694.

The Baptist Health Community Wellness Centers provide free medical care and health education to the public. Services offered include family planning, disease prevention, and health screenings.

The Esperanza Clinic is a healthcare facility located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The clinic provides a variety of medical services to patients, and appointments can be made by calling 501-568-3247.

Ferncreek Ave, Orlando, FL 32806 The Shepherd’s Hope Neighborhood Health Center is located on S. Ferncreek Ave in Orlando, FL. The center provides health care services to the residents of the surrounding community. They are conveniently located near public transportation. If you’re looking for quality, affordable medical care, look no further than Tyler Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. You’ll find a variety of medical professionals here, all of whom are conveniently located near public transportation. This is a health center that is qualified by the government. The sliding fee scale means that the amount you pay for your medical bill will be based on your income.

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Open Hands Homeless Clinic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Services are provided to the homeless at no cost to them. Help is also available for people who earn very little money. Can also refer individuals and help them apply for government health insurance that will cover them for a longer period of time.

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