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Free school supplies in Las Vegas and Clark County.

There are many organizations that give out free school supplies, electronics, backpacks, and other items for kids. You can get more information about these organizations by doing a search online. If you are a student in Las Vegas or Clark County and come from a low income household, you can get help from school supply assistance programs. There are devices you can use for online learning, like Chromebooks or tablets.

Each year, a number of charities and non-profit organizations in Clark County Give Away free back-to-school items, including clothes, shoes, backpacks, uniforms, gift cards, and other items. There are several programs that can help you get free clothes. One way to find them is to look online or ask around your community. Another way is to go to a clothing closet in your area.

The school supplies and clothes given to kids and teenagers is very comprehensive. The free assistance programs in Las Vegas rely on donations from the community, stores, and volunteers. School supplies, including pens, notebooks, laptops, tablets, calculators, backpacks, shoes, and uniforms, may be available from charities at no cost. The services that Clark County provides to its students vary depending on the students’ age and grade.

In Clark County, there are several places where you can register for free back to school giveaways. Many of the items go to children from low-income families, but also immigrants, the working poor, unemployed, single mothers, and others with children in school can get free supplies.

Project 150 provides services to homeless students in the Las Vegas area. They can be contacted at 702-721-7150. Free school supplies and clothes to help keep students in school are offered. There may also be other things that students can get, like clothes, gas vouchers for their parents, access to a computer lab, hygiene supplies and hair cuts.

The Family Resource Center at the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada helps low income families with kids. This includes single moms and dads. They can get help with different resources. school supplies, food, clothes, uniforms, hygiene supplies, books, and more are offered for free.

The Assistance League of Las Vegas has a program called Operation School Bell, which provides free back-to-school supplies to needy families. The main number for the Assistance League of Las Vegas is (702) 870-1991. The non-profit provides hats, gloves, sneakers, crayons to kids, calculators to older students, and many other school supplies. This program provides new clothes for children in need so they can feel more confident at school.

The Salvation Army Family Services in Clark County provides many programs to help families in need. They offer financial assistance in times of need, as well as free items such as school supplies, books, Christmas or birthday toys, and more. This program provides free school supplies, including pens, backpacks, and Chromebooks (based on donations), to students from Kindergarten through High School. The charity provides school supplies to thousands of kids each year. The Salvation Army provides assistance programs to Clark County residents.

Back to School Brigade Healthy Living Expo is a event where kids from military or veteran families can get help. DEERS dependent students can also get help at this event. Students whose parents are active or veteran members of the military can get free back-to-school supplies including bags, calculators, pens, and more.

The NPHY Drop-In Center for Homeless Youth is a place where homeless youth can go to get help. The office is located at 4981 Shirley Street in Las Vegas, NV 89119. The telephone number for the office is 702-383-1332. Gift cards and vouchers that can be used for hygiene supplies, medical care, food, and educational services. There are many things you need for back to school including books, markers, highlighters, shoes, and sneakers.

Flamingo Rd., with a large number of services to help the homeless. The Help of Southern Nevada is a center that helps homeless people in Clark County. Some of the services they offer include food, shelter, and clothing. This organization provides both emergency aid and self-sufficiency resources. The focus is on getting an education and finding a job. In other words, there may be supplies for college students. This can include anything you might need for school, like a backpack, a tablet, clothes, and more. You may be able to get financial aid in Clark County, Nevada.

Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas The Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is located at 1501 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas. The organization is a charity that provides services to the community. Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 Phone: (702) 387-2291 The Clark County School District serves the entire county. People donated furniture, school supplies, clothes, financial aid and more to help those in need.

Commerce St. City Mission of Las Vegas is a non-profit located at 2214 N. Commerce St. The address for the school is Pecos Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada, 89115. The phone number for the school is (702) 384-1930.

The Lighthouse of Restoration is a non-profit organization located in Las Vegas, NV. The organization provides support to single mothers or grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Services provided include financial assistance, counseling, and case management. Based on donations, students from Kindergarten through college can get supplies. There may be gift cards, pens, pencils, socks, backpacks, calculators and many other things. It is rare that a single mom who leads a home can be given a free laptop for online learning. Call the number 702-856-4660.

Maryland Parkway Suite 180 The LGBTQIA+ Center of Southern Nevada is a center that works to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ people in Southern Nevada. They offer programs and services that help people with things like housing, health care, and education. The address is: Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89101. The phone number is: (702) 733-9800. The program is part of their Youth & Family Services. LGBTQ+ students and the people who support them can get free school supplies. There are many events throughout the year where kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade can get free food, backpacks, haircuts, and other school supplies.

The Clark County Teacher EXCHANGE program provides teachers with the supplies they need. Organizations such as the Caesars Foundation, the Public Education Foundation, and corporations like Target donate goods or money to support various causes. Some goods that teachers may need are office supplies, books, paper, and pens. Sahara Ave., Suite C-31. The Clark County School District program can only be used by teachers. It is located at 5100 W. Sahara Ave., Suite C-31. This is an address on Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada. To reach the Clark County School District in Nevada, call (702) 799-CCSD.

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