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Fresno County St. Vincent assistance programs.

The main programs that Fresno County Society of St. Vincent offers are things that people need to survive like food and shelter. They don’t offer programs that require money. It is more likely that people will receive food from a food bank or clothing from a clothing bank. Fresno County also offers seasonal programs, such as Christmas meals, back-to-school supplies, or free coats for children in winter.

There are some cases where the agency will have money to pay for a certain type of critical expense. There may be funds available to help pay for rent that is overdue, or maybe a heating or cooling bill during the summer or winter. Some of the financial aid will be for households with a vulnerable member, such as an occupant who is disabled or a senior citizen. The Society can only provide limited financial support.

There are places that give out food for free to people who need it. Families who are working with the staff and are from the region can apply for help if they are facing hunger. There may be free bags of groceries given out that include personal hygiene items like soap, shampoo, or diapers. The goal of St. Vincent of Fresno County is to prevent hunger in households while the family looks for longer term solutions.

Other needs for cleanliness can be met at the shelter, thrift store, or other similar places. If someone has a job interview, there can be assistance to ensure they are looking their best. Some people may use a computer to search for jobs, or some very low income families may use a copy machine to copy a resume.

Programs that help people prepare for school ramp up during the summer and fall months. The organization Saint Vincent de Paul provides new outfits or vouchers to area school children so they can go shopping. There may be help available for obtaining uniforms, pants, coats, shoes and more. These items can help a student feel more prepared and comfortable for the first day of school. This can make you feel better about yourself and more confident.

There may be winter coat fund raisers held during the winter months to help adults, students and children who cannot afford them. We will focus on the youngest members of the community because it is more important to keep them warm. The resource is kept running by donations from the community.

Christmas is a time when people can get help from others. Holiday projects provide gifts or children from low income families who may not otherwise receive presents during the holiday season. There may be volunteers that can visit seniors in nursing homes or other care centers to provide them with company. There are hot meal locations around Fresno where people can go to eat.

The thrift store can be used by people who are struggling to make ends meet. They can use the store to buy things they need, such as clothes and food. Volunteers help Saint Vincent churches gather lightly used items like clothes or furniture that they sell to the Fresno community. The store provides an opportunity for families to save money.

The food pantry and Christmas support mentioned rely on volunteers and donations to function. Local businesses also hold fundraisers to support them, especially around Christmas. The donations given by the community are only given to residents who live in the area and qualify for income assistance.

There may be money available to help you pay for things in an emergency situation. The applicant will need to have a meeting with staff. After going through a basic assessment of their needs, the Society of Saint Vincent will either provide the person with funds for part of their bill or refer them to places that may be able to help.

Other services that may be provided are vouchers for gasoline or bus passes for job interviews, funds for partial rent or an energy bill payment, prescription medications, and other support. This type of emergency assistance is only available during certain times of the year.

There are many different types of shelters and transitional housing available in Fresno, California to help those in need. Housing can be arranged for those who are homeless or for single parents. Some counseling centers may provide services specifically for veterans or people living with mental illness. There are many different types of housing available that can cater to different situations.

Apply for Saint Vincent de Paul assistance in Fresno

The thrift store and center is located at 1318 11th Street in Reedley, California. You can call (559) 637-9811 to find out how many hours you have.

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