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Friends in Sonoma Helping basic needs and financial assistance.

Friends in Sonoma Helping provides outreach and case management services combined with financial aid in order to help the hungry and unemployed. There may not be enough money for things like rent or heating bills, and the money from FISH is usually only for people who are trying to become independent.

The agency only provides a small amount of help. The amount of money available to a community or government organization will often determine how much they can do. Since money is limited, families with children and senior citizens will usually be given priority in Sonoma County. This is because these groups of people are most likely to be in danger if they don’t get assistance.

Some applications will provide information on local community resources instead of direct financial assistance. The staff will do their best to connect people who need help with the right non-profit or government agency that can help them in the most efficient way. They keep information about food pantries, churches, and other programs for people who are poor.

Help for bills and basic needs from Friends in Sonoma Helping

Emergency financial assistance is for people who need help paying for basic expenses. There may be emergency funds which, when combined with connections to case management and self-sufficiency, move people toward stability.

Some clients of the FISH of Sonoma program may be eligible for financial assistance. Exceptions to the rule can be made if the non-profit is helping people who are also getting case management services from a community partner and have a referral.

Housing assistance is for people who do not have a permanent place to live or who are at risk of being homeless. Households and tenants who need one-time emergency rental assistance may qualify for help with a limited amount of rent due and/or a security deposit. If someone does not meet the eligibility requirements for Friends in Sonoma Helping, the agency will provide a referral to another program or local agency.

If you need more help, there is extra support available. This organization provides vouchers that can be used to pay for prescription medications, as well as a lifeline telephone assistance service. Additionally, they provide boxes of free food to those in need, and also have a fund that can be used to help pay for water or heating bills. Finally, they also provide bus tokens to individuals who need them for a job. Friends in Sonoma Helping’s case managers also help with getting birth certificates, state identification cards, prescription eye glasses and eye exams, prescribed medications, and more.

Before any money is paid out for expenses, additional screening criteria are in place when staff are reviewing applications. The goal of this program is to help low-income people in Sonoma County by using a model that has been proven to be effective.

Another perk of this process is that it might bring to light other financial or self-sufficiency needs. If this is done, then Friends in Sonoma Helping may offer even more referral support to local grant programs or other local human services.

There is a room where you can store clothes located at Sierra Drive. It is open a few days per week and can provide a variety of items, from layettes to professional work attire or boots for day laborers. FISH is a organization that provides children in need with clothes for school. They have a room specifically for children from Sonoma.

Find information on employment and educational services

There is assistance available for teenagers, young people, and the unemployed. This can include things like employment readiness and experience at part-time jobs, which will help youth understand what it takes to be self-sufficient. This boot camp will teach clients how to manage their time, search for a job, and fill out applications and interviews.

Outreach will help to bring different employment and job training activities together so they can work together efficiently. The service will also help to organize various workshops with the county and local job centers. Sessions will focus on work requirements, time limits and employment opportunities that are available to participants through a home visit with a case manager. The supportive services offered aim to help those who are unemployed or working poor overcome any barriers that may be preventing them from complying with appropriate work requirements.

The goal of the Outreach Services from Friends in Sonoma Helping is to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to participate in work activities. This is done so that people on public assistance can receive benefits from education, skills training, work activities and job placement services. This is so they can learn how to do things on their own and not need help from others.

There are places in California where people can go to learn how to use computers for free. This course will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Both online and in-person classes are held. An instructor is available at most of these locations to answer any questions and provide customized instruction.

Friends in Sonoma Helping is a great place to get referrals for programs located in the county. The organization FISH provides assistance to those in need. To learn more about what services are available or to apply for help, contact FISH at 996-0111.

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