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Get free legal information in New York.

Many New Yorkers need assistance with their legal problems and are looking for free advice. There are lawyers who can help you with any civil issue, whether it’s housing, public benefits, or something else. The economy is not doing well and more people need free legal services and advice. This website provides legal assistance to New Yorkers who need help with a legal issue. This website is designed to help low to moderate income New York residents find answers to many of their legal questions.

The free counsel is provided to help New Yorkers who are not represented well in civil legal problems. They can provide free help for people who are facing foreclosure, assist the rising number of unemployed, help people deal with an eviction, and support people with any of the numerous other problems that may be brought on. There is a particular need for housing as well as mortgage help in New York, and clicking here will provide more information on foreclosure prevention resources.

The program includes a lot of topics, and it has gotten bigger recently. The organization has created LiveHelp, which is an online chat service that will help guide visitors in real-time. It is offered in both English and Spanish. This service provides residents with free legal services and information that is relevant to their specific issue. This service is available to everyone, regardless of age, nationality, or economic status. LiveHelp connects people in need with free legal programs and services in New York.

The new feature, LiveHelp, is yet another very important addition to the various programs that are currently serving the record number of unrepresented litigants who are currently in New York’s courts.It is always evolving as well. As new legal assistance programs are created to address the needs of courts, attorneys, and legal service organizations, LawHelp/NY is helping people find them and is publicizing these services.

What services are offered by

They are very large. will provide residents with free resources and services that supply legal information in up to twenty different areas of law. People can get free legal advice on topics such as family, evictions, housing and immigration from attorneys. Some clients also need help in getting benefits like SSI disability or section 8 housing. There are many different topics that are covered.

If the legal aid organization can’t help you with your specific legal problem, they may be able to refer you to other attorneys or paralegals who offer free legal aid programs in New York. If you need help dealing with a creditor or medical debt collector, they can provide assistance with those challenges. Debt collectors in New York are regulated by state law. If you have medical debt, you may be contacted by a debt collector. Debt collectors must follow certain rules when contacting you, and you have certain rights under the law.

In addition to the main website in English, there is also a Spanish language mirror site ( as well as additional resources in over 35 other languages. is a website that provides information and resources for low income New Yorkers. The website includes information on a variety of topics, including housing, food, and healthcare. This can help people who may have civil problems, especially Hispanics, limited English proficient residents, and immigrants.

Find direct access to attorneys

There are many different resources that can provide information and help for people looking for legal assistance, such as, which offers tips and information. However, there are also real life attorneys who can provide aid and support. These firms provide low cost or free advice to families with low incomes. They provide various forms of assistance.

There are several non-profit law firms based in New York that offer free legal services, consultations and advice to the public. There are different areas in New York City, upstate New York, central New York, western New York, and other regions. New York non-profit law firms offer a wide range of services that can help you with your legal issues or concerns. There are programs in New York that can help people with legal problems.

LiveHelp features

LiveHelp offers free online assistance through a live chat with a volunteer who is trained in navigating the resources available to the user. The chat will provide people with information about their legal rights, referrals to legal aid organizations, and access to tools for those who are going to court without a lawyer. They can provide tips for solving legal problems without going to court, such as debt counseling.

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