Get help with your mortgage and foreclosure prevention in Iowa

Many people in Iowa are finding it difficult to keep up with their mortgage payments, but there are state programs available to assist them. These programs can help make mortgage payments more affordable, or even prevent a foreclosure from happening. The programs started a few years back in 2007. There are a lot of services and resources that are free to homeowners across the state.

Iowa Mortgage Help

A hotline has been set up by the state for people to call if they need help with their mortgage payments. Homeowners who think they may have trouble making a payment should explore their options as soon as possible. If someone is in danger of falling behind on their payments or has already missed payments, they should seek out assistance as soon as possible. Often, it is too late by the time people realize they should have done something.

The hotline number is 877-622-4866, and it’s a toll-free call. A mortgage counselor will review your finances and determine if you qualify for a mortgage. The counselor will work closely with you and, if necessary, refer you to another organization that can better help you with issues like personal finances, credit card debt, and budgeting. Developing these skills will help you stay on top of your mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure. The Iowa mortgage counselor may help you come up with a plan to reduce or settle your debt, repair credit scores, and more, depending on your situation and financial condition. Many of the services are free for borrowers.

If your condition is more serious, they may refer you to the process of mediation.

Iowa Foreclosure Mediation

In Iowa, there is also a program where people can talk to each other to try to solve their differences. A homeowner will be put in touch with a neutral third party to explore solutions to prevent foreclosure. Both the lender and homeowner must agree to participate. What more can you tell me about the program?

Iowa Homeowner Loan Program

If you live in Iowa and have lost your job or experienced a decrease in income, you may be eligible to receive assistance with your mortgage payments. The federal government has given money and other help to Iowa to pay for this resource. This assistance program provides more information about how to click here.

Non-profit agencies in Iowa

If you are a homeowner in danger of foreclosure, there are several non-profit organizations that can provide you with counseling and assistance. These organizations have been certified by the government to provide housing solutions to people who need help. There are many agencies in Iowa that offer foreclosure counseling. These agencies can help you understand the foreclosure process, your rights, and options available to you. They can also help you negotiate with your mortgage lender and work out a plan to avoid foreclosure.

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