Assistance Program

Government and public assistance in Lorain County.

There are government programs in Lorain County that can help people who are struggling with food and housing insecurity. The Department of Job and Family Services processes applications for federal and state aid, and any type of assistance will be combined with case management and other employment support.

The county will require that applicants seeking help are participating in some sort of job placement or training program, such as WorkFirst. This means that people who receive public benefits are only supposed to use them for a short period of time, until they are able to become stable on their own. Lorain County does not provide support with the intention of it being never-ending.

Some of the main programs offered by the Job and Family Services in Lorain County are as follows: -Cash assistance -Food assistance -Medical assistance -Child care assistance -Child support enforcement -Employment and training assistance There will likely be a waiting list for most programs.

Ohio Works First is a program that provides cash assistance to people in need. The county provides a grant for paying bills and living costs, but the real intent of the program is for recipients to be responsible for themselves and find employment. This means that people will need to get jobs and manage their money wisely.

The Work First program provides financial assistance to families in need of child care, housing, food, and other expenses. There are restrictions on what the money can be spent on and how long it can be issued for.

The Department of Job and Family Services will also focus on employment as part of this. Clients can get information from counselors on how to conduct a job search, complete a resume, and other free advice. Other services that are offered include Adult Basic Literacy Education, GED testing, and more.

The Lorain County job centers are places where people can go to get help finding a job. The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a law that helps fund these centers. The locations provide unemployed people with new skills. Case managers and specialists can provide assistance to groups such as displaced homemakers, laid off employees, seniors, and youth. The goal of the free computer labs, resume creation classes, and other forms of support is to help people gain meaningful employment.

Other JFS grant programs include child support, Prevention Retention and Contingency (PRC), utility bill help from the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), and assistance for paying child care costs. The social service office partners with non-profit organizations in Lorain County to provide services such as shelters and food pantries.

There is food assistance available for those in need in Lorain County. This is a state-run program that provides food assistance to low-income individuals and families. The federal government program provides families with the funds necessary to purchase groceries, which in turn helps low-income families in Lorain County avoid hunger.

Most grocery stores and retailers accept EBT cards or vouchers, which can be used while shopping. The amount of food assistance you get will depend on your household size and income. This assistance can make a big difference in being able to afford food.

Medicaid provides health care coverage for low-income individuals and families. This provides financial assistance to people in need, including families in poverty, children, the disabled, and pregnant mothers. The patients will need to pay a portion of their bills, and use approved doctors in Lorain County, but the program can still help those who have no other options.

In most cases the resident will need to pay a monthly premium to cover their medical needs, including prescription drugs. However, after someone is enrolled, they will get financial assistance with paying for long-term care, doctor bills, medications, and other expenses.

The county can help people with disabilities apply for financial assistance from the Social Security Administration. This is a form of support for members of households that either can’t work, or are limited due to a serious medical condition or disability. The process of applying is very long and detailed, and can take months. Many people will not be approved. Lorain County social services can provide more information.

Phone the Lorain County Job and Family Services on (440) 284-4300. Specialists can provide information on all of the benefits that may be available, such as housing, shelter, and food pantries. The main intake office is located at 42485 N Ridge Rd, Elyria, Ohio 44035.

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