Assistance Program

Harnett County assistance programs.

for help with rent, utility bills, and other services The Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action Inc. is a place where people who have low incomes, are unemployed, or are elderly can go to get help with things like rent and utility bills. I am asking for help from the government and the Salvation Army to pay my bills. The Community Action Agency provides the following programs:

Foreclosure assistance and help with mortgage default

The agency has counselors who are certified by HUD and can work with the homeowner and lender directly. The counselor helps the borrower and lender come to an agreement or solution. They can also direct people to federal government and other North Carolina assistance programs. North Carolina offers several programs to help homeowners who are struggling with foreclosure. Click here to learn more about these programs.

Weatherization and furnace replacement programs

If you are a qualified homeowner, you can receive free weatherization services. This will help you reduce your utility bills, as well as have access to furnace repair and replacement programs. The city also provides services to help improve substandard housing, including providing repairs and replacements for heating units, as well as energy-saving updates to homes.

Crisis assistance

would like to recognize the Johnston County Board of Commissioners for their $1,000 contribution to our agency The Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action Inc. would like to extend our gratitude to the Johnston County Board of Commissioners for their $1,000 contribution to our agency. Thank you for your support! This component will help people pay for bills and everyday expenses during a crisis. The program provides help during an emergency. The agency may be able to provide financial assistance to low-income individuals or those who qualify when there are no other resources or options available. The assistance provided comes from different organizations like The United Way, local churches, local area ministries, charities, and emergency shelter and food grants. The agency can also help connect people with food closets in the area.

Referrals from JLHCA are common. The community action agency can help by offering information on local food pantries or federal benefits such as SNAP food stamps. Many families with low incomes in Harnett County use those services as well.

The Presbytery of New Hope is an organization that helps people in need by providing them with free food and money for rent and security deposits.

The Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action, Inc is a great resource for those in need. They offer a variety of services such as food assistance, utility assistance, and housing assistance. They also provide transportation and child care assistance. The telephone number (919) 934-2145 can be rephrased as nine one nine nine three four two one four five. Rewrite this in your own words. If you want to improve your writing skills, one of the best things you can do is to read more. Reading will not only help you see how other writers craft their sentences and use language, but it will also help increase your own vocabulary. In addition, reading will help you better understand grammar rules and how to use them correctly.

Emergency programs

The Salvation Army is another option and can be contacted at (919) 934-9102. This organization provides food, rent, clothing, and other forms of assistance to families and individuals in need in Harnett County. They also provide direct financial aid to help with bills such as utilities and prescriptions. The agency offers advocacy services to help people with referrals, guidance, counseling, and information on other federal and NC assistance programs.

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