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Health centers and free clinics in Lubbock.

Some clinics in Lubbock, Texas offer free or low-cost health, medical, and dental care. This means that they offer discounts to people who cannot afford to pay the full price. This means that people in Lubbock will get help with their medical bills, because they will be charged based on how much money they make. If a person’s income is low or they do not have insurance, then they may be able to get free medical care.

The type of services offered at a health center can vary, but some common services include things like preventative care, immunizations, primary healthcare, prescription assistance, dental care, and eye services. In some rural areas of Lubbock County, Texas, there may be a mobile health and dental care unit that people can use. Most clinics take Medicaid, CHIP, state government, and private insurance. Few people will be rejected for not having enough money.

The Community Health Center Of Lubbock – Arnett-Benson Clinic is located on 3301 Clovis Road in Lubbock, Texas. You can reach them by phone at (806) 763-5557.

The Lubbock Children’s Health Clinic is a medical and dental care facility that focuses on children and teens in the Lubbock, TX area. The clinic’s phone number is (806) 749-3800. A sliding fee scale allows patients and their parents to save money on medical and dental bills by paying a fee based on their ability to pay.

The Chatman Clinic is a branch of the Community Health Center Of Lubbock. It is located at 2301 Cedar Avenue, Lubbock, Texas 79404. Dial (806) 749-0024 for intake or more information.

The Community Health Center Of Lubbock is located downtown, and provides services to low income, uninsured, and other vulnerable populations in the area. They can be reached at (806) 765-2611. Can provide general health care, referrals, and other medical assistance.

The Parkway Clinic is a health center located at 406 Martin Luther King Boulevard in Lubbock, Texas. The clinic provides medical care and services to the community and offers a variety of health care services.

The Larry Combest Community Health And Wellness Center is a place where people can go to get low cost medical care. The center is open at different times throughout the week and people can call (806) 743-2255 for more information.

The East Dental Clinic is a dental clinic located at 1826 Parkway Drive 500Lubbock Texas 79403. The main phone number for the clinic is 806-765-2611. The clinic provides services such as extractions, dental cleaning, and referrals to specialists, as needed. Some people in Lubbock have low incomes or no health insurance, and they can get help from the city.

This particular clinic is located in Lubbock, Texas.

Lubbock Impact is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families in the Lubbock, Texas area. They can be reached at (806) 799-4329.

The Arnett Benson Clinic is located at 3301 Clovis Road in Lubbock, Texas. The clinic provides medical care for patients and can be reached by phone at (806) 765-2611.

The Presbyterian Center Doctors Clinic is located at 1602 Vanda Ave. The Lubbock Volunteer Clinic helps people in the Lubbock, Texas area who cannot afford to see a doctor or dentist. The clinic offers basic health care services such as immunizations, physicals, and more.

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