Help for seniors from New Mexico Agency on Aging.

If you are an older resident of New Mexico and are in need of assistance with medications, food, medical bills, or other basic needs, your local Agency on Aging center may be able to help. The non-profit organization offers many services for older people. The advice and information on the website is free, and thousands of individuals receive support every year.

Having access to information is always very important. The New Mexico Benefits Counseling Program provides free advice to disabled and senior New Mexicans on how to pay for food, medical care, or electricity. The program is arranged by agency on aging, and volunteers and specialists provide the advice. You can find out information by calling or going to local senior centers.

The New Mexico State Health Insurance Assistance Program can help you with any questions you have about Medicaid or Medicare, and can also give you advice if you think you’re being scammed. The staff provides consumers with accurate, unbiased and current information on their options.

The ADRC’s Senior Medicare Patrol will help seniors detect, avoid, and prevent health care fraud and overbilling. SMP helps make sure that people who are enrolled in Medicare are billed correctly, and also helps to prevent fraud within the Medicare program. The SMP program provides many benefits and activities that improve the financial, physical, emotional, and mental well-being of elderly, older adults, and seniors.

Research medical discount plans to see if any could save you money on healthcare costs. This is not the same as getting insurance. One way to potentially save money on medical bills and health care costs is to look into various insurance plans that may be available to consumers. Some medical discount plans are legitimate and will provide you with discounts on your medical bills. However, there are also some scams out there where you will pay for the plan but not receive any benefits. Be careful when choosing a plan to make sure you are getting a good deal. The local agency on aging office or the SHIP program can help direct consumers on this.

The New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department provides the SCSEP / Senior Community Service Employment Program. People over 55 who are enrolled in training can receive a job, and are paid minimum wage for twenty hours per week. Jobs will be in either government or non-profit organizations. This means that you will receive a regular paycheck from SCSEP, and may also be eligible for some additional benefits such as health insurance. You will also learn the skills needed for longer-term job opportunities. Some of this is done through an assessment or intake process. The program also helps with the costs of work-related things like an annual physical, eyeglasses, uniforms, and shoes.

The 50+ Older Worker Connection is a program that provides job opportunities for older workers. This can help ensure that older workers are trained and have stable jobs. The state of New Mexico wants employers to know that mature workers are valuable.

Some senior citizen resource centers also participate in this program and are provided with computers, internet access, library, and other tools. Staff and volunteers help job seekers in many different ways, such as giving them information on how to apply for jobs, talking to them about their work history and goals, giving them employment counseling, and giving them tips on how to interview.

The New Mexico Family Caregiver Support Program is a program that helps caregivers of senior citizens and older adults. The main focus of this program is to help older people who have low incomes or who are otherwise in need.

The New Mexico MEDBANK Program offers prescription drug assistance. If you are unable to afford your prescription medications, this state resource may be able to help you. They can provide assistance with obtaining the drugs you need at a cost you can afford. If you meet the requirements, the program will give you a voucher for free prescription medication, up to a few hundred dollars.

The Bill Payer Program is a service provided by Area of Aging centers that helps people pay their bills. Volunteers and staff who have been trained provide daily money management services to help low-income disabled or older people who are having difficulty keeping track of financial matters, budgeting, and paying routine bills. Receive support in the form of advice, help processing payments, and other forms.

The New Mexico State Bar Association provides free legal advice to seniors through its Lawyer Referral for the Elderly Program. This organization provides cheaper or free legal assistance to old people in New Mexico who have a low income. To speak to a customer service representative, please dial 800-876-6657.

Some New Mexico Counties have an office specifically for providing free legal advice and representation to elderly citizens and seniors over the age of 60. If you need help with things like your consumer rights, healthcare, or government benefits, you can get advice from someone who knows about those things. You can also get help with planning for your future, like making a will or estate plan, or arranging to transfer your things to someone else when you die.

Community-Based Services and Medicaid Waiver for Home helps individuals who are disabled, aged, or blind. This program helps these individuals by providing them with services that they would not normally have access to. These services can include things like transportation, housing, and medical care. Some of the services that can be covered through a waiver program include things like in-home caregiver services, assisted living, financial assistance, respite care, and emergency response. This can help make things more affordable for people who need care. Other services that help people transition into the community are occupational therapy, private duty nursing, physical therapy, and speech/language therapy services.

The focus of the Agency on Aging and senior centers is on nutrition. This means that they provide services and resources that promote healthy eating habits for seniors. This can include things like nutrition education, cooking classes, and meal assistance programs. Many places offer meals on wheels type programs where hot lunches are served daily for free to elderly people and their spouses at local charities, senior centers, or churches.

There are several programs in New Mexico that offer assistance to seniors, including help with nutrition, caregiving, transportation, and prescription drugs. There are also programs that provide support for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

Contact the New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department. The company’s primary office is located at 550 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. You can reach customer service by calling 866-451-2901 or 800-432-2080.

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