Help from Salvation Army in Roanoke County.

The Roanoke county salvation army has programs that can help with things such as keeping the lights on, help with housing costs, and giving free food to those who are hungry. Social services, Christmas assistance, and programs for seniors are all important in providing emergency help in the region.

The Salvation Army provides short-term financial assistance to those in need, as well as case management and job placement services. Examples of organizations they help include Turning Point for victims of domestic violence and the Red Shield Lodge. All of these resources are combined to provide housing for people as well as to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and hunger in Roanoke County.

The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services of Roanoke County provides cash grants or loans to help pay bills. There may be a free box of canned food given to feed the family. There are a few donation type services that help people pay for their utility and heating bills. These two types of heating systems are Wood Heat and Heat Share. This fund can help with paying for things that heat your home like oil, gas, wood, and pellets. Other services in Roanoke County may be given alongside financial aid, such as food or clothing.

The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services can help with housing costs. If you are a tenant and you are evicted because you have not paid your rent, then some money may be able to help you with that. There are also other funds available for paying rent, such as a mortgage payment or security deposit. If you need financial aid, you can call (540) 343-5335 for more information. However, you will need to have proof of your income and the crisis needs to be a one-time only event. There are many ways to get help for low income families. Some organizations offer financial assistance, while others provide resources such as food, clothing, and housing. There are also government programs that can help low income families.

The Salvation Army offers many services to help stabilize people’s lives, including the Red Shield Lodge. This is a place that provides both shelter and housing for people who are transitioning. This book covers all aspects of homelessness and poverty. The social workers help with things like getting a job, finding housing, and managing money.

The case management process is divided into multiple stages. The client needs to agree to volunteering at least 20 hours per week in order to participate. This will help them gain skills which are important for finding a job and keeping it. The Roanoke County Salvation Army will also require that the plan to help individuals continue during this process.

The Roanoke County Salvation Army Turning Point can help women and children who have survived domestic violence. It provides everything you need to live, including a place to live, food, legal aid, and general stability. All measures are taken to ensure the safety of women and children. The church will help the client with finding financial aid to help with moving expenses such as rent, car programs, and other aid.

The Angel Tree program is a free Christmas toy program. The Salvation Army provides services for the communities of the City of Roanoke, City of Salem, Town of Vinton and Botetourt, and the entire Roanoke County region. Christmas gifts for children and infants under 13 years old. Games, clothing, shoes, tablets and more.

There are also senior care facilities in the Roanoke Valley area. It provides people with both the companionship they need and a meal or recreational activity. The Salvation Army also offers youth programs. The church provides a variety of services and programs to help the community, including mentoring, back to school supplies, leadership skills, holiday parties, and more.

There is also a store for residents of Roanoke County that sell items for families. The Salvation Army has a wide variety of items available for purchase, including clothing, furniture, beds, couches, and other miscellaneous items. When an event like a disaster happens, people can get free goods with a voucher.

The primary administrative office for the church is located at 724 Dale Avenue SE in Roanoke, Virginia. If you need help with Family Emergency Services or any other service, please call 540-343-5335.

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