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Spokane Valley Partners is an organization that helps families in Spokane County that are struggling and working to become more independent. This organization provides services for low-income clients in certain areas of the county. There are also resources for people who are older, have a disability, or are single parents in the region.

The main services are below, but each assistance program has a set amount of resources. Even if Spokane Valley Partners can’t help someone, they will give them information about other charities that might be able to help.

Funds for living expenses

Emergency assistance is available from SVP by scheduling an appointment. This means that once this is done, anyone can come for support without having to make an appointment. The staff from the organization will help people get food if they are hungry. The pantry is only available on Wednesday and Thursday. There may be money available to help with rent or utility bills, which could even cover the cost of water. The money is limited.

The staff also provides referrals to other resources if they are not able to help, but if the situation is still a crisis, they will help. The staff help the client develop a plan to improve their situation. The staff at Spokane Valley Partners help their clients by assessing their situation and developing a plan to improve it. This will include an interview to gather information, and based on the results of that, financial aid is offered to help with the problem. After that occurs, clients can then be referred to a combination of financial assistance programs within Spokane County or there can be linkage to agencies that provide long-term support.

The program is for people who are unemployed or underemployed and having difficulty getting or moving ahead with a job. Many of the clients of these services are unemployed or they depend on public assistance. Many of the other clients that we see are single parents or survivors of domestic violence.

The goal of this SVP program is to help lower income families or individuals become economically independent and break the cycle of depending on public assistance. This is done by helping them with their careers, finding jobs, getting training, and supporting them so they can get employed. The workshops in Spokane County will help you to create a better resume, understand how to search for jobs online, and give you basic computer skills training. The goal of the program is to help people get jobs and support themselves.

Food and basic needs from Spokane Valley Partners

If a low income family is struggling to afford food, they can go to the food pantry for help. This is a resource that helps provide people with groceries in an emergency to help reduce hunger in the community. The Pantry is a place where clients can choose what they want. It is also uncommon for the community as it is a center where customers can be served regardless of their age, race, religion, or where they live within Spokane County.

The Spokane Valley Partners food bank is funded partially through USDA grants and partially through donations. This network provides food assistance to low-income people. The Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance network is a key partner in providing food assistance to low-income people. However, all resources are not infinite and the type of groceries given will also fluctuate. The Food Pantry is not only dependent on donations from the government and private charities, but also from local sources such as churches and food drives.

Families that have a low income are eligible to receive a free Food Box once a month. This list includes items like fresh produce, canned goods, dairy products, bread, and frozen meat. The food in each box varies, but there is typically enough for a few nutritionally balanced meals. No matter how big or small your family is, everyone needs a place to live. The size of your family is an important part of finding the right home for you.

For elderly people in Spokane County, there is a special box called the Senior Citizen Box. This will contain food that meets their special dietary needs. There are also items for people with medical conditions or disabilities that require special diets. A doctor’s note is required to get a special box of food.

Other needs such as clothing or Car Seats may be given out. Spokane Valley Partner accepts referrals from both agencies and locations within the community. These programs are funded by an annual grant and donations.

Housing programs in Spokane

The Spokane Valley Partner or local partners receive grants from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the state. The money is used by Family Development staff to help homeless or near homeless individuals and their families with rent and housing. This means that there are more resources available on this topic.

An advocate helps an applicant figure out what kind of housing they need. We explore all options, whether it is a short term shelter or long term, permanent solution. The process will allow Spokane Valley Partner to determine how the needs can be best addressed to provide permanent, safe and affordable options.

Once the resident enters the appropriate program, a case manager then contacts and meets with other agencies to discuss how they can help the resident. This is done to help customers who have financial assistance to get a low income apartment.

People who need help with housing also often need help with utility or heating bills. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance program provides assistance with energy bills to eligible customers across Spokane. There is only a limited amount of funding available, and it is given out on a first come, first served basis. The funding period begins in mid-December and ends in late June. If you have a heating source like natural gas or heating oil, call your vendor to make payment arrangements.

The Spokane Valley Partner Transitional Housing and shelter program provides temporary housing for people who are homeless. This means that clients will be enrolled in a program that will help them become independent over time. Some of the resources from SVP, such as transitional housing, will require guests to pay up to 30% of their income for their monthly rent or other bills. They also need to agree to an individualized plan which will help them get a job, go to school and become independent.

Contact information

Spokane Valley Partners has a limited amount of money, and all support is given by appointment only. The number to dial is 509-927-1153.

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