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Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry.

If you are a High Point resident or come from the county and need support, you can call the Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry for help. The charity provides programs for low income and working poor people. If you are in an emergency situation, there may be help available to solve the immediate crisis. Once the crisis is over, case management can help you maintain stability in the long term.

Financial aid is not common, but may be provided in some cases. If a client needs help that the Helping Ministry cannot provide, the staff will most likely refer the client to another source of help, such as a government benefit or a local food pantry. The Community Resource Network in Guilford County will provide long-term support after the emergency has been addressed.

People who are facing a medical or health crisis may be able to get help with their utility bills. There may be grants available to help with different types of services, such as water bills or a free fan for cooling during the summer. The support from Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry will help ensure that families with children who are low income, the elderly, or disabled are not placed into situations where they could be harmed, such as overheating during the summer.

A notice that you will be disconnected from your service, as well as proof of income and records that show you have paid your bills in the past, will normally be required. If you want to be approved for funding, you’ll need to show that you’ve made a strong effort to pay your rent and other obligations on time in the past.

If someone is in a difficult situation and needs help with housing, they may be able to get assistance from the government or another organization. This can include placement into transitional housing in Guilford County or emergency money to pay a portion of any back rent that is due. The non-profit Ministry will provide financial assistance to those in need, in order to prevent them from living on the streets.

The applicant needs to have income from a job, SSI, retirement, or other sources to pay their own expenses in the following months. However, Helping Hands will only provide assistance to tenants or families who are facing a one-time crisis and are otherwise self-sufficient.

The Helping Hands thrift stores are open to the public and they offer affordable household and seasonal goods for families. They might have things like furniture, appliances, holiday toys, clothing, etc. The inventory will change regularly, either every week or every month.

The locations not only provide affordable goods, but also a way to give back to the community. The money raised at the stores by selling items is used to pay for local assistance programs, such as a bag of food for a family with a child.

If someone is going through a tough time, like a natural disaster or escaping from a bad home situation, they may be given vouchers to get free clothes. This is a form of emergency relief that will help residents get back on their feet more quickly. In order to be approved for Helping Hands, you must be able to provide proof of your identity, income, and expenses. Other required documentation may also be needed.

Pantries and soup kitchens in High Point North Carolina will also work to end hunger. The resources from the non-profit will help provide food for people of all ages, backgrounds, and religions. There will also be special holiday meals served on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Pantries will distribute canned non-perishable items as well as possible fresh fruit or vegetables. There could also be baby formula for single moms or low income parents, milk, and non-profit items such as paper products. We are open Tuesday from 11 AM – 4 PM and Friday from 12 – 2 PM. It is necessary to have an appointment.

There are many other services offered by Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry, and each is focused on helping people who are needy or in a crisis. They may provide housing for people in transition, referrals to other agencies in Guilford County, and case management services. The goal of the agency is to help the client through their hardship.

High Point charities rely on volunteers and donations to function. Donating to these organizations will help reduce poverty and improve the lives of less fortunate people. There are many ways to contribute, whether it’s a one-time contribution or shopping at a thrift store.

You can find more information about Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry at 2301 South Main St., High Point, North Carolina 27263. To make an appointment, please call (336) 886-2327.

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