Henrico County homeless prevention services.

There are many organizations that can help you if you are facing eviction in Henrico County. The intake sites will try to provide referrals to federal grant programs, lawyers who work for free, and also short term housing for the homeless. The Henrico County Department of Social Services provides resources to help prevent evictions and homelessness. You can find out how to apply for these services below.

The resources are paid for using a variety of sources. The money for this project could come from a few different places, like the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), Emergency Solution Grants, and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) that’s run by HUD. There is a process of distribution that both public and private organizations take part in.

Eviction assistance in Henrico County

Prevention programs are available through the Department of Social Services in Henrico County. There will be support for families who are struggling to make ends meet. The applicant will need their own source of income to pay for rent and energy bills in the future, as well as case-management to prevent eviction.

The goal of social services is also to keep families together. The government believes that a child should live with their mother and/or father. If a senior citizen needs a caregiver or has a medical need that can only be taken care of at their current home, they will be able to get assistance with their housing needs to stabilize their situation.

The Emergency Solution Grants is a fund that provides money for eviction services. The Homeless Prevention Program (HPP) is another source of funding that is available in the city of Richmond, the county, and across the state. The money can be used for a number of needs related to stopping evictions. This means that if the tenant is struggling to pay their rent, bills, or needs legal aid, it can be provided.

Henrico County programs are designed to meet the needs of a specific group of people. The organization will also work to identify and address high-risk situations that could lead to a family breaking up or experiencing a health or safety crisis. The amount of resources from these eviction assistance programs may be limited, so they may only be available for single mothers or people like the elderly. Other clients that come to the food pantry are typically veterans or disabled individuals living in the area.

The Continuum of Care in the Richmond Virginia area, known as Homeward, also has members that advocate for families who are struggling to make ends meet. This group helps people who are at risk of being evicted or having their power or water shut off. The customer service team at the Point of Entry can help you find the right organization.

Rehousing for the homeless or resettlement

The HEARTH Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to the Housing enacted provides homeless and those who have been evicted with resources for housing. Non-profits, like Housing Families First and St Joseph’s Villa, are available to help with this process. It can also help people who can no longer afford their current apartment.

If the demand for housing is high, a Henrico County resident may have to live in a shelter, such as the one run by Hilliard House. If all the shelters are full, families can get vouchers for free motel rooms. Organizations such as CARITAS offer case-management services to people with these types of accommodations.

Financial aid that is offered as part of rehousing is temporary and based on need. The government will only issue money as a last resort, when the resident has no other resources available to them. One of the key things that the Homeless Prevention Program (HPP) requires is for people to have a safe and stable place to stay. This means that if you meet certain requirements, you may be able to get financial assistance to help pay for things like security deposits, lease application fees, and other rehousing expenses.

All apartments that are selected need to be screened for approval. A case manager will work with the client to ensure that the services being provided are affordable and based on their current household income. This will take into account their entire budget, as even if the rent is affordable, if the family can’t afford to buy food or pay for healthcare, then that is not a sustainable solution. This means that if you want to participate in an eviction prevention or rehousing program, you will need to complete a full assessment.

Applying for homeless prevention or rehousing in Richmond and Henrico County

If you are a tenant in Henrico County with an eviction notice from your landlord and need help, you can call the Homeless Point of Entry at 804-648-4177. This service will provide you with information about local resources that can help you with legal issues, finding housing, and other problems related to homelessness.

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