Idaho uninsured medical care programs.

Individuals in Idaho that do not have health insurance may be able to receive medical care from a number of government sponsored programs. These programs include Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Idaho Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (C-HIP). There are various types of resources available to help with medical expenses, such as financial assistance, free medications, screening and testing.

The state of Idaho will be partnering with different non-profit organizations and groups to make sure that those who do not have insurance are still able to get the care that they need and deserve. Some of the healthcare will be administered by clinics in local towns and counties. The federal government provides other services to patients in Idaho. To be eligible for this benefit, you must meet certain low-income requirements.

The Access to Health Insurance program provides financial assistance to make health insurance more affordable for residents of the state. This is a program for people who work at small businesses and would not have health insurance otherwise. This means that if you have minor children and are looking for coverage, AHI can pay up to $300 a month. If you are an adult seeking coverage, AHI can pay up to $100 a month. The number 866-326-2485 is a phone number.

AABD is a government subsidy that can help people with disabilities and low income pay for their everyday living expenses. The funds are for seniors and the disabled who live in Idaho. The phone number for the company is 877-456-1233.

This is a health insurance plan for people in Idaho who have been denied coverage from other insurance companies because of their pre-existing conditions or because they are considered to be high-risk. This can also help people who have used up their benefits from COBRA and unemployment support. The phone number 800-721-3272 belongs to a company called HP.

The HIV State of Idaho Prescription Program has many versions, including the ADAP/SPAP/ and IDAGAP programs. This federal government resource can help with paying for out of pocket bills, copays, and other medications. Applicants must have low incomes and not have insurance. The number to call if there are any problems with an order is 800-926-2588.

The Idaho Health Plan for Children, or CHIP, is for families with low to moderate incomes. This insurance is either free or very affordable for children under the age of 19. CHIP can help pay for things like hospital visits, regular checkups, lab tests, immunizations, prescription drugs, x-rays, and other bills. To get information or to sign up for something, call 800-926-2588. This means that if your insurance plan does not cover enough of your medical costs, or if you do not have any insurance at all, you can still apply for this program.

The Women’s Health Check Breast and Cervical Cancer Program offers free testing and screening for breast and cervical cancer. It screens for issues such as cancer and mammograms. This program is for people who do not have health insurance. If something is wrong, the program will also help to pay for treatment. The tests provided are based on the age of the women. To find a testing location, call 800-926-2588.

The Idaho Medicaid Program is a government-sponsored health insurance program that provides coverage for disabled individuals, seniors, blind people, women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer, and pregnant women. This is a health insurance plan that covers all your medical needs, including hospital stays, primary care visits, and more. The main phone number is 800-926-2588.

If you are Idaho resident with a pre-existing condition that has made you uninsured, you may be eligible for coverage through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP). This program can give people who qualify for it many different kinds of health coverage. This means that your health care can include going to the doctor, getting prescriptions, staying in the hospital, and more. There are a few different insurance plans that operate in Idaho. For each plan, people will need to pay a monthly premium as well as some out-of-pocket fees for the services they use. The federal government gave money to create this. The number to reach the support team is 866-717-5826.

The Idaho VFC Program provides free vaccines to students, infants, and children from families who do not have health insurance. The state and non-profits will be distributing vaccines to local health agencies and clinics. The centers will give the shots and medications to qualified patients through physicians. This vaccine can help protect against various diseases such as measles, flu, polio, hepatitis, Meningocaccal and others. The main telephone number for this business is 208-334-4949.

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