Assistance Program

Indiana County Pennsylvania assistance programs.

There are agencies that can help you with rent, security deposits, utility bills, jobs, groceries, medications, and medical or dental care. There are many organizations in Indiana County that help people who are low income, working poor, senior citizens, and others. These organizations include charities, churches, and non-profits. There is help available if you need financial assistance or someone to talk to about your situation.

Almost half a million dollars in state grants and funds will be available to help residents in Indiana County pay their rent and other hosing costs. The housing assistance grants are for people who are having trouble paying their rent or who are in danger of becoming homeless because they have lost their job or have had their hours reduced.

The county of Indiana has decided that it will use the entire $500,000 towards a Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program and to provide housing assistance. This is instead of dividing the funds into other financial aid programs. The money will go towards a new initiative that helps to fund existing housing programs in the County.

The extra money from Pennsylvania will help pay for emergency rental assistance, case management, security deposits, and other services to stop people from becoming homeless, help people who are already homeless to find a place to live, and make sure people do not get evicted from their homes.

This program will be run by the Indiana County Department of Human Services, the Indiana County Community Action Program, and the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development.

Assistance with bills and expenses

The Indiana County Community Action Program offers residents several programs that can help people with financial assistance and getting back on their feet. The phone number for their main office, located at 827 Water Street in Indiana, PA, is 724-465-2657. Some of the programs offered include: -Academic advising -Career counseling -Financial aid counseling -Mentoring -Personal counseling -Referrals to campus and community resources

It helps with payment of their monthly gas bill. The Columbia Gas Customer Assistance Program helps income-eligible customers with their monthly gas bills. If you need help with your Columbia Gas bill, you can contact Columbia Gas to see if you’re eligible for any assistance programs they offer. You can also be referred to ICCAP, which can help you set up a gas payment plan that’s based on a certain percentage of your monthly income.

The Dollar Energy Fund is an energy assistance program that helps people pay their electric, gas, utility, and water bills. It is for people who have used up their Crisis Energy Assistance and LIHEAP benefits and need additional help.

The Dominion-Peoples Natural Gas Usage Reduction Program provides families with energy saving improvements, depending on gas consumption and income. These improvements can include low-flow shower heads, hot water tank wraps, furnace tune-ups, attic and basement insulation, and other energy conservation measures.

If you are struggling to keep your home warm or pay your utility bills, this could be the program for you. This program provides help once each year, as funding allows. More information on emergency help paying utility bills can be found by contacting utility companies or searching online.

To be eligible, the Homeowner must have received a notice saying that they are required to take action to improve the property. The areas served are Indiana County, Clearfield County, Cambria County, Westmoreland County, Jefferson County, and Armstrong County.

The Rent and Housing Assistance Program provides financial assistance to families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by paying for rent and/or security deposits. Grants may be used to help prevent an eviction.

The PenCAP Program is a financial assistance program for income-eligible customers of FirstEnergy/Penelec. They can contact the Indiana County Community Action Program office to arrange utility, electric, or heating payments. The amount they have to pay is based on a percentage of their gross monthly income. This program can help people save money on their monthly electric bills by making it easier to manage their usage.

The program will also help make their homes more energy efficient and improve their quality of life. This program provides free installation of energy conservation measures to your home, such as caulking, furnace tune-ups, attic and basement insulation, and storm or replacement windows where needed. This service is available at no cost to low- and middle-income homeowners and renters, regardless of heating source, and all improvements are free to the homeowner.

Additional financial help in Indiana County

There is a constant need for affordable housing and services to prevent homelessness. Low income families and those in a crisis can receive money from the federal government and local non-profits to help with their rent, security deposits, and other housing costs. The goal of the funds is to end homelessness in the area through outreach programs. There are many organizations in Indiana County that can help with rent.

There are agencies in Indiana County that work to stop hunger. If residents need food, they can go to a food pantry. There are some locations that can help you find what you need, and others that will directly give you the support you need. This may include a free box of groceries, holiday meals from the kitchen at Dixonville Wesleyan Methodist Church, and much more. The church provides many services to the community including food assistance. Some centers even offer help with getting clothes. For more information, please click here.

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