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Jewish Family Service of Rhode Island financial assistance programs.

If you are a low income family in Rhode Island, you can get help from the Jewish Family Service. They offer programs that can help you with things like food, housing, and more. Many government programs are available to people who meet certain income requirements, but some programs have additional restrictions. The non-profit may offer financial support for unexpected expenses, counseling services, help for the elderly, and free meals.

The agency provides services in different parts of the state, including Providence and Pawtucket. They also help with some things in southern Massachusetts, including Bristol County. They try their hardest to help everyone who needs it, regardless of the demand.

When applying for emergency financial assistance or loans, applicants will need to go through an intake and application process. If someone is eligible for help from JFSRI, they may be given money to help pay for things, or be pointed to other places where they can get help. This may be offered to anyone, regardless of their religion or faith.

Assistance with housing, food, rent, and utility bills can come in the form of financial aid. The purpose of the short term, emergency financial assistance program is to help address the immediate crisis and also coordinate long term self-sufficiency.

A case manager from Jewish Family Service of Rhode Island will talk to people who have applied for assistance. They will assess their needs and see if anything needs to be changed. If no assistance is available, social workers will provide information about other local organizations that can offer food or low-income housing. If you receive money from JFSRI or any other charity, this money will go directly to a utility company, creditor, or landlord.

Case Management is a type of social work that helps people access the resources they need to improve their lives. This can include things like financial assistance, housing, and healthcare. There is also information on local workshops or guidance on how to be self-sufficient. These free services are available to low income families in the general Rhode Island community, including Providence.

JFSRI provides support and guidance to disabled and senior members of the Jewish community in Rhode Island. The Older Adult Resources program provides services to help clients stay independent. The services offered are not long term and are only available for a short time.

Some potential services that could be offered are things like the Lifeline RI medical alert service, personal home care from trained staff, low cost home delivered meals, and information on government aid programs like Medicare. Seniors may also qualify for financial aid or case management for help with paying bills or rent. The counseling services are also provided to the caretakers of disabled people or seniors. There are other programs in Rhode Island that can help seniors.

Home care is for people who are sick, seniors, disabled, or recovering individuals. The organization wants people to be able to take care of themselves and stay in their homes rather than moving to a different location. This will help them to keep living comfortably and independently.

Certified Nursing Assistants can be part of In-Home Care solutions. They can help with tasks around the house, like laundry and cleaning, as well as personal care tasks, like bathing and dressing. They can also help with errands like grocery shopping and cooking meals. This program is for people who need help at home after an illness or hospital stay, seniors, people with disabilities, or Rhode Island residents with a chronic illness.

The non-profit provides food and groceries from a couple different centers, including in Warwick, Pawtucket and Providence, for seniors and the disabled in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If someone needs help with social services or public aid, they can ask the people at this location for help.

Counseling is available to help people with health, family, emotional, school, work, or life stress. This service is offered by the Rhode Island Jewish Family Service, or JFSRI. The families of children who have been diagnosed with a mental illness may be able to participate in therapy sessions, counseling, and support groups. Some medical facilities require payment prior to services being rendered, but most will accept insurance as a form of payment.

There are several other programs offered by Jewish Family Service of Rhode Island. The office is located at 959 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02904. Call the number (401) 331-1244.

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