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Jon McNamara is the CEO of, a company that provides financial assistance to low-income families and individuals experiencing financial hardship. A company which is committed to helping people who are less fortunate. The company is called NHPB LLC and the Vice President is Jon and his team offer free financial advice to help people learn about and manage their money. You can also get help improving your financial literacy skills. He reviews every article on this website before it gets published, and he’s written many of the articles himself. comJon is the author who writes the most articles for

He has not only researched writing extensively, but he has also studied and visited local charities around the country to better understand how they operate. He communicates with charities and non-profits on a weekly basis about the programs they operate. Jon has also spoken with executive directors from medical clinics and employs people at Personal Financial Network, Inc. This financial services firm has been in operation for over a decade and always consults with medical professionals to ensure the best possible advice for their clients. All programs on the needhelppayingbills website have been reviewed and approved.

He and his team are well known for their work in the non-profit and charitable community. They offer free information to families and individuals so they can find the help they need. Everyone who writes for the website has to have their work reviewed by Jon before it can be published. Jon also volunteers at SCORE to help families launch businesses, as well as other charities. He is active in helping less fortunate families. provides information about where to find food pantries, government benefits, charities, free clothes, and emergency financial assistance. Jon and his team want to help people who are struggling financially. They will use their skills and experience to provide assistance and support. Some of Jon’s experiences include working with computers, helping people, and fixing things.

The individual has a proven ability to lead and motivate diverse groups of people, including teams of up to 20 individuals. They also have a strong ability to design and implement successful investment and fundraising programs. Furthermore, they have excellent proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Access, Word and other MS Office Suite programs. Finally, they have outstanding oral and written communication skills.

Partner organizations

Jon and NHPB LLC work with other organizations to help improve access to healthcare, including the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, the National Patient Advocate Foundation, PhRMA prescriptions, as well as the non-profit NFCC: Credit and Debt Advice. We partner with medical and health care providers, as well as health care related non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, to help verify our medical and prescription programs and provide other support. These groups review content as needed to keep the information accurate and up-to-date.

More information on Jon McNamara, the CEO of Need Help Paying Bills, can be found online. He reviews every article before it is published.

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