Assistance Program

Kanawha County and Charleston public assistance.

DHHR provides public assistance to low income families in Kanawha County, including those living in poverty. There are multiple offices and bureaus in the community that operate a variety of different programs. Some of these 20 resources provide both cash assistance and other services that can help with finances.

The DHHR office provides more detailed information about each social service offered. Some government programs that provide financial assistance to people with low incomes have a waiting list or are only available for a limited time. This means that Medicaid is only available to people who have specific needs, such as those who are disabled or have a low income. The social worker from the Department of Health and Human Resources is available to answer any questions you may have.

Public medical and health care programs

The Kanawha County WVCHIP is a program that provides low-cost health care specifically for children. This will help low income parents who do not qualify for Medicaid or other public health care. It provides many types of assistance, including vaccinations, help paying for doctor or hospital visits, free dental care, prescriptions, emergency care, and more. More information on CHIP medical care for children can be found here.

There is a program in Charleston West Virginia that helps to vaccinate newborns, adults, and children. This resource was created to cover shots and immunizations that are not provided by other resources. If a family who has a low income or is uninsured cannot get health care at a government qualified health clinic or rural health center, then this DHHR program may help them.

The WISEWOMEN program provides women with information on how to live healthy lifestyles. There are clinics in Kanawha County that teach females how to live a healthier lifestyle. It includes things like exercise, medical tests, and diet. Any topics that are important to women in Kanawha County can be discussed.

There are several federal government programs that provide assistance to those in need, including Medicaid and disability programs. There are many different types of assistance programs available to help people in need, and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources can help connect people to the programs that best fit their needs.

Cash assistance in Kanawha County

The most popular public assistance program in Kanawha County is the food stamp program called SNAP. The office will help with applications, answer questions, and give EBT cards with monthly food benefits. Many families in Kanawha County rely on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to help pay for groceries each month.

The assistance will help pay for some of the family’s food expenses. The amount of money given to someone on an EBT card will depend on how many people are in their household, how much money they make, and other conditions. The SNAP food stamps program was not designed to cover all of a family’s food costs, but only a portion. If you have any questions about the application process or if you think you may be eligible, you can call the Kanawha County DHHR office at the number below.

The Kanawha County WV Works program is the main financial assistance program for the area. This program is only available for a limited time and the client must have a job, be in job training, or actively looking for work. Residents of Charleston West Virginia often refer to WV works by many other names, including TANF or welfare.

Public aid will be given in small amounts. This allowance is meant to go towards essential living costs like rent, utilities, transportation, or food. There may also be grants issued to cover the costs of employment or job training. If someone receiving public assistance needs help paying for transportation to a workforce center, the program may cover the cost of bus passes or gasoline. You need to get permission from the county of Kanawha before you can do this.

The WIC vouchers help low-income new moms or pregnant women in Kanawha County to buy food. The public aid program provides newborns with the formula they need. Besides that, a social worker from the Department of Health and Human Resources can help the expectant female find other resources she may need. The WIC service can provide assistance with items that parents may need for their newborn, such as diapers and classes on parenting.

The office is in Charleston on Washington St. The Department of Health and Human Resources does have an intake line for people who need help. The number for the intake line is 1-877-716-1212.

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