Kansas City Head Start program

What is the Head start program in Kansas City? Head Start is a program that helps children up to 5 years old. The non-profits in Kansas City have a close relationship with the Family Conservancy.

Both Early Head start and Head Start provide free services to families with children in the Kansas City area. These services can include help with childcare, education, and health care. The daycare provides a safe and nurturing environment for children. Each year, the program helps out thousands of families who live in the area.

The Head Start program provides free health and dental care, developmental screenings, meals, and disability services for your children. Some help is given to the person’s family and parents, like getting a job or social services. Where can I find information on the non-profits that administer the Kansas City Head start programs?

The Plaza de Niños is a child development center located in Kansas City, Missouri. The center offers a variety of services for children, including early childhood education, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. The center also provides families with resources and support. The Plaza de Niños is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The Della Lamb Community Center is located at 500 Woodland Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The center provides a variety of services to the community, including a food pantry, clothing closet, and after-school programs. The center can be reached by telephone at 816-842-8040. Operation Breakthrough is a nonprofit organization that provides early childhood education, child care, and family support services to low-income children and families in Kansas City, Missouri. The organization’s site address is 3039 Troost Avenue, and the main telephone number is 816-756-3511.

48th Terrace, Kansas City, MissouriPhone number – 816-316-6969 The DeLa Salle Education Head Start Center is located at 3740 Forrest Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The center can be reached by phone at 816-561-5445. Learn A Lot is located at 9812 E. 48th Terrace in Kansas City, Missouri. The center can be reached by phone at 816-316-6969. The address is 66th Street in Raytown, Missouri and the telephone number is 816-356-3514.

The locations for Child’s Play, Brown’s Christian Academy, and Children’s TLC are 9611 East Truman Road in Independence, 22 East 32nd Street in Kansas City, and 3101 Main Street in Kansas City respectively. The phone number for Child’s Play is 816-254-4130, and the phone number for Brown’s Christian Academy is 816-561-2809. The phone number for Children’s TLC is 816-756-0780, and the phone number for Triality Tots is 816-476-4011.

Kansas City Head Start Child Care Providers

The Margaret Addison Address is 5615 Forest in Kansas City, Missouri. Dial 816-333-3325 for information or to apply.

My name is Iretha Antwine and I live in Kansas City, Missouri. My phone number is 816-761-7187.

The Head Start child care center is located at 816-942-3277 East Blue Ridge Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri. To apply, please call 816-942-3277.

The Kakasha GreenHead Start Center is located at 917 East 133rd Street in Grandview, Missouri. The center’s phone number is 816-767-8275.

The person’s name is Marjorie Henderson, and their address is 2309 SW 9th Terrace in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The person’s phone number is 816-246-8308.

The Jackie Hollins Child Care Center is located at 1836 East 75th Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri 64132. The center can be reached by phone at 816-333-6649.

Pam Jones lives at 1851 East 68th Terrace in Kansas City, MO. Her phone number is 816-333-8023.

The address for Stella Kimber is Flora in Kansas City, Missouri and the telephone number is 816-924-3113.

The location of Lisa Linville is 10712 East 43rd Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The phone number is 816-737-2951.

This is Joan Mathis’ contact information. Her address is 5600 East 34th Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri 64128 and her phone number is 816-861-4556.

To find out more information about the early and regular Head Start program, please call the child care provider at 816-363-5437.

Linda Reese is located at 4410 Myrtle Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. To reach her, dial 816-216-1303.

Phyllis Rosales lives at 810 Northeast 46th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Her phone number is 816-453-5842.

Karen Sims is located at 5429 Indiana, Kansas City, MO 64130. To reach her, dial 816-361-6694.

Pam Singleton’s address is 6733 Walrond, Kansas City, Missouri 64132, and her phone number is 816-363-8688.

Tracy Starr-Byrd lives at 1346 East 76th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Her telephone number is 816-523-7614.

If you need information, you can either stop by or call 816-861-2716-2607. The address Lockridge, Kansas City, MO 64128 refers to a location in the city of Kansas City, Missouri. The 64128 is the zip code for this particular area.

Stephanie Strong is located at 4409 Benton Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri. The telephone number for her office is 816-923-1578.

The Bobbie Tate – B&R Intergenerational Care Center is a child care center located at 4615 Forest Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64110. To learn more about the Head Start program offered at this center, please call 816-582-1865.

Denise Williams’ address is 3235 Myrtle, Kansas City, Missouri 64128 and her phone number is 816-861-7468.

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