Kauai Economic Opportunity assistance programs.

In a crisis, the non-profit Kauai Economic Opportunity can provide emergency assistance, such as food or funds for bills and housing costs. There are many other resources that help struggling families or individuals in Hawaii, such as the Homeless Outreach Program and mediation services.

Homeless Outreach is a mobile unit that helps people in the community who are homeless. The KEO Care-A-Van provides services to people who are homeless and have recently been evicted from their homes. The van goes to areas where these people congregate and provides them with services such as food, shelter, and clothing. Outreach provides a hot meal and other services such as intake, referrals, and other needed services. This is for homeless people who are eligible and don’t have a place to stay.

The goal of the program is to help homeless clients improve their health and stability. The goal is to have a permanent home and not need help from others. Our main phone number is 808-245-4077.

KEO is a Community Housing Development Organization that works with other organizations to develop affordable housing. The Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) provides affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income residents in Hawaii. The following are components of it.

Shelter Plus Care is a government-sponsored program that provides rental housing subsidies and support services for chronically homeless individuals. This program is for people who have disabilities or who are regularly dependent on drugs or alcohol.

The three emergency shelters on Kaua’i are Lihue Court, Mana’olana, and Puhi. Each of these shelters provides residents with a stipend to help cover the cost of living. These are all set up as transitional housing sites that provide safe and decent shelter to clients for up to a couple years. Our programs are combined with guidance in eliminating obstacles to obtaining and maintaining stable, permanent housing. This is done by providing coordinated social services, health care, housing, and financial support.

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KEO’s Persons-In-Need Program provides financial assistance to residents who are in need on a one-time or temporary basis. The Hopper Fund is a collection of resources that can be used to help pay for things like education and housing. This is a form of assistance for seniors who are 65 years or older and are struggling financially.

Frist branch of the Nashville Public Library The Teresa F. Frist branch of the Nashville Public Library is located in North Nashville. It serves the North Nashville community. The Hughes Family Trust Estate is for adults who are physically or mentally ill and are 70 years or older. KEO also provides assistance for children who have been neglected, abandoned, or who have resided in a household where abuse has occurred.

The Margaret Cargill Fund also accepts applications from seniors. This resource is for seniors aged 60 to 64 years who are financially disadvantaged. It is based on a grant.

The KIUC Charitable Foundation provides financial assistance to customers struggling to pay their past-due electric bills through the Emergency Electric Bill Assistance Program. Applicants who cannot pay their utility bills may be eligible to receive a cash payment of up to a certain amount.

KEO partners with the US Department of Energy to provide free energy-efficient improvements to the homes of eligible low-income families through Weatherization. WAP provides low-income families with the means to reduce their energy bills through the use of advanced testing protocols.

Home improvement measures from Kauai Economic Opportunity may include solar water heating systems, shower heads, power strips, CFL light bulbs and other energy-efficient items that can help save money on utility bills. KEO also partners with Maui Economic Opportunity to provide new refrigerators or freezers to households that need to replace their old units. The assistance is for units that are outdated and no longer energy efficient.

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Both Congregate and home-delivered meals are designed for seniors aged 60 and over. This is done in partnership with Alu Like and Nursing Home Without Walls. We are working with Alu Like and Nursing Home Without Walls to provide services to our community. The Elderly Nutrition Congregate Meals Program provides low cost or free hot meals at various sites. Participants can socialize with their peers and take advantage of on site services that promote their health and well-being.

The other option, Meals on Wheels, is a service that delivers meals to people who are unable to leave their homes. If a person’s family is unable or unwilling to help them with meals, that person may not be able to eat as they should. KEO has volunteer drivers that can help meet the needs of clients, and are trained to evaluate the clients’ physical condition and report any concerns to the Program Director.

The drivers of the meals-on-wheels program show great love and empathy to the senior citizens they deliver to, who look forward to their meals. This means that their job is very important in terms of providing social interaction for these people.

KEO’s mediation services can help with a variety of issues. The mediators help people in conflict to communicate with each other and find their own solutions, without going to court. The price charged to the customer is low, especially when compared to the cost of going to court and hiring a lawyer. The mediator is a person who is not involved in the dispute and tries to help the two sides reach an agreement.

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The non-profit Early Learning Centers offer a year-round educational program for children up to eight years old. This project is for children from lower income families to participate in activities that will help them academically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. These activities can be done in groups or individually. Activities that help develop language skills, physical fitness, health, reading skills, and personal care are important for all children.

More information about these programs can be found at Kauai Economic Opportunity at 2804 Wehe Rd., Lihue, Hawaii 96766. The main number for details is 808-245-4077.

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