Kentucky non-profit credit counseling agencies.

There are organizations that can help people in Kentucky with their finances and provide services such as debt relief, mortgage assistance, budgeting advice, and more. These services are typically offered for free. Some of the most common services offered at debt relief locations include consolidating debts, providing advice on pre-bankruptcy filing, and reducing interest rates and fees on credit cards. Non-profits often help clients improve their credit scores and become financially stable.

The government has certified many of these companies, and some may also be approved by HUD. All counselors in Kentucky have had to go through extensive training and testing. This designation means that the advice and services offered are confidential and affordable.

I will review all of your bills, personal loans, and payday loans. The counselor will provide you with advice on what steps would be most beneficial for you to take. Some programs that may be able to help you include a Debt Management Plan, foreclosure prevention, or mediation. A counselor will not only help you but also suggest other resources or specialists if they think that is your best course of action.

They also offer free community education seminars on topics such as credit, borrowing, and saving money. The program was created as a collaboration of the Southern Indiana Asset Building Coalition/Making Change organization, with the goal of helping people achieve self-sufficiency.

The Apprisen location is at 2100 Gardiner Lane Ste 103A in Louisville, Kentucky. The phone number is (502) 458-8840.

These services include help with utility bills, food assistance, and job training. They also offer an after-school program for children. One of the ways to become financially literate is to participate in a program that teaches money management skills, including how to improve credit scores, either for free or at a low cost. The non-profit offers services such as budgeting, banking, tips on spending wisely, investing and support in developing a savings plan.

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission Carroll County Neighborhood Center is located at 1302 Highland Avenue in Carrollton, Kentucky. The phone number for the center is (502) 732-5253.

The Kenton County Neighborhood Center is a local community action agency that offers credit and financial management classes and workshops. It is located at 315 East Fifteenth Street in Covington, Kentucky, and can be reached at (859) 291-8607 for more information.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Midwest, Inc. is located at 649 Charity Court Suite #15 in Frankfort, Kentucky. The phone number is 800-355-2227. There is also an office in Lexington, Kentucky, at 2265 Harrodsburg Road, Suite 303. You can call 800-355-2227 for services in either English or Spanish. The non-profit helps families with their credit card and/or medical debts. Some other solutions that clients can enter into are hardship programs or debt management plans. There are also programs that help people who have low income or no credit avoid payday lenders.

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission Pendleton County Neighborhood Center is a community organization that helps people in need. Their main office is located at 311 Park Street in Falmouth, Kentucky, and their telephone number is (859) 654-4054.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) is a non-profit organization that offers financial counseling and education to consumers in Boone County, Kentucky. CCCS provides services to help consumers manage their money and debt, and improve their financial well-being. They offer services such as budget and financial counseling, debt management programs, and more while trying to identify problem areas of the client’s financial situation. Get help with paying off credit card debts, medical bills, and other expenses. The location is also a place where Kentucky homeowners can get help with housing issues from approved counselors.

The Community Action Commission in Boone County, Kentucky offers basic literacy and financial counseling services to residents in need. The commission is located at 7938 Tanners Gate in Florence, Kentucky, and can be reached by phone at (859) 586-9250.

The company offers services such as credit counseling, budgeting assistance, and debt management plans. A Debt Coach Credit Counseling Service is a company located in Florence, Kentucky that helps consumers manage their finances. Services offered include credit counseling, budgeting assistance, and debt management plans. The Marion, Kentucky phone number for the company is 888-767-9155. No matter what the topic is, whether it’s repairing credit or finding alternatives to payday loans, the advice is always low cost or free.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Huntington is a non-profit organization that provides financial counseling and education to consumers. Services include help in dealing with consumer debt, hospital bills, bankruptcy, and more. The main phone number is 888-534-4387. Additional information on debt help can be found through referrals.

The office of Brighton Center is located at 799 Ann Street in Newport, Kentucky. The phone number for the office is (859) 491-8303.

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission in Campbell County provides money management debt services and works with consumers to reduce the incidence of bankruptcy. The support provided by the organization will help the individuals get back on track with paying their bills and reducing their debts. They offer a variety of other services as well.

The Owen County Neighborhood Center is a place where people in the community can go for help. The address is 109 South Madison Street, Owenton, Kentucky 40359. The phone number is (502) 484-2116.

The Northern Kentucky Neighborhood Center is a community center that provides resources and services to residents of Warsaw, Kentucky. Some of the services offered include a food pantry, clothing closet, and community garden. The center also offers programs for children and adults, such as after-school tutoring and GED classes.

The Grant County Neighborhood Center offers counseling sessions on issues regarding credit management, personal finances, and budgeting. The main address is 134 North Main Street, Williamstown, Kentucky 41097. The phone number is (859) 824-4768.

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