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Kentucky Volunteers of America assistance programs.

Families in Kentucky who are about to be evicted or who are already homeless may be able to get help from the regional Volunteers of America organization. The non-profits can help with resources for families who are behind on rent, homeless, disabled, children, single parents, and others.

This program provides services to help people improve their lives. Services include case management, housing, classes, and workshops. The goal is to help people develop the skills they need to improve their lives. The services offered by this organization help individuals achieve their goals of finding affordable, safe, and permanent housing. The aim of Volunteers of America is to help people be self-sufficient and stable in the long term.

There are eviction prevention services available in the Louisville, Kentucky area. This resource will help people who are living in Housing Authority Properties to keep their housing and not become homeless. Financial assistance may be available to help with rent payments. Other services that are offered are landlord mediation, crisis intervention, and collaborations with other local non-profit and government service providers. The phone number is (502) 568-1438.

The Volunteers of America’s Collaborative Housing Initiative provides assistance to residents who have mental illness, chemical dependency, or both. Many groups in Kentucky collaborated with Volunteers of America to create this. The organization will offer a housing option that includes a rental subsidy and case management. (502) 636-0816 is a phone number.

The Louisville Family Emergency Shelter provides a safe place for families who are homeless to stay. The shelter is a place where families can feel safe and secure, and where they can get the help they need to get back on their feet. The Volunteers of America shelter will help families, including parents and children. The Center provides housing and case management placement to clients and homeless individuals, as well as other social services. This will help families in Jefferson County transition back to the community and become self-sufficient. Call the number provided for more information.

Jefferson County Kentucky offers transitional housing. This is a program that helps families who are struggling to find housing and are close to being homeless. The program is based in Lexington and is temporary, meaning it is not permanent housing. Families work with case managers to find permanent housing and work on other goals while they are in the program. The Lexington Housing Authority operates this program in conjunction with local agencies. One of the types of aid offered is a voucher that can be used to pay for a 12-month lease on a house. The participants will also have somebody to help them set and reach goals, such as going back to school, finding a place to live, getting a job, and taking care of children. The phone number is (859) 254-3469.

Family Transitional Housing is a type of housing that helps families who are going through a difficult time, such as a divorce or the loss of a job. This type of housing provides a safe and stable environment for families to live in while they get back on their feet. This program provides families with a place to live for up to two years after leaving the emergency shelter. To reach someone in Lexington, call (859) 254-3469. To reach someone in Louisville, call (502) 634-5598.

In addition to the above, Family Follow Up is often combined with that. Volunteers of America is a program that helps homeless families in Kentucky transition into stable and permanent housing. -Clients will be given information on programs that can help with security deposits and rent.

Success does not discriminate against those who are ill or disabled. There is help available for people who fit the HUD’s description of being homeless. The local program provides services such as counseling, case management, goal setting and financial assistance for up to six months to help with housing-related start-up expenses. This can include money for a security deposit or first month’s rent. To reach customer service, please call (502) 634-5500.

The Kentucky Volunteers of America provides housing for seniors. The non-profit provides low-cost, long-term, and safe housing for low-income seniors. There are a few apartments in Louisville, Kentucky that have this feature. The two senior centers are Spanish Cove and South Oaks. The Woodgreen Apartments nearby are for seniors with a disability. To reach someone by telephone at (502) 361-8859, dial that number on your phone.

Permanent Supportive Housing is available for women who are homeless and have physical and/or mental disabilities. This housing program offers safe homes and apartments to people who want to re-integrate back into the community, as well as access to community resources. Priority is given to those who have survived domestic violence. The main phone number is (859) 254-3469.

The government offers programs to help veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. These programs provide financial assistance to help with rent and other expenses. This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Volunteer of America Supportive Services for Veteran Families provides financial support, eviction prevention, and case management for veterans and their families in the Lexington, Louisville, and Ashland Kentucky areas.

The SSVF program helps connect military members and veterans with benefits like healthcare, counseling, job training, and more. The phone numbers to call are Lexington at 859-254-3469, Louisville at 502-566-9700, and Ashland at 606-474-0200.

The non-profit also provides services for people with developmental disabilities. This organization provides services in Kenton, Boone, and Campbell County. Other counties in Northern Kentucky may also be included. The Volunteer of America program helps people with developmental disabilities to have healthier, safer and more engaged lives. Other services that may be offered are things like helping with transportation, coordinating health care, and helping with things around the house in a group home setting. The number is (859) 372-5600.

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