Knox County Tennessee community clinics.

There are community clinics in Knox County, Tennessee that can help people who don’t have insurance or who can’t afford their medical bills. Some also provide dental care, HIV and AIDS education and prevention, drug abuse counseling, and mental health services. This means that there are health care services available for people who may not have a lot of money, or who do not have any health insurance. These services are available to people who are homeless or who have other medical needs that are not being met.

This means that people only have to pay for medical services if they can afford it. There are other programs that can provide health care to people who do not have insurance or who have low incomes, including refugees. Some places in Knox County, Tennessee, might have free or cheap dental, mental health, cancer, or prenatal care. This means that the clinics work with other organizations to provide complete care, including access to laboratories, physicians, diagnostic centers, and hospitals.

Low cost health care is available for patients who qualify. The InterFaith Health Clinic provides low cost primary medical care for the working, uninsured. The Clinic is located at 315 Gill Avenue in Knoxville, TN and can be reached at 546-7330. Some services may not require payment.

Cherokee Health Systems – Broadway Clinic is a medical clinic for those who are homeless located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The clinic can be reached by dialing (865) 525-2104.

The Cherokee Health Systems also offers a Hispanic Medical Clinic at the same location (511 N Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917). For more information, call (865) 525-2104.

St. Mary’s Medical Center of Campbell County Jacksboro Clinic provides primary medical care. The clinic is located at 3170 Appalachian Highway, Jacksboro, TN 37757. The clinic can be reached by phone at (423) 907-1700.

The Free Medical Clinic of America in Knoxville, Tennessee provides high quality, affordable medical care for working adults who do not have health insurance. The clinic offers a variety of primary care services, including screenings, vaccinations, and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. This clinic is not equipped to provide emergency care, dental care, services to children under 16, mental health treatment, or physicals.

The Siloam Family Health Center runs an onsite Primary Care Clinic. You can get information about this clinic by calling (615) 298-5406 x101.

This clinic is designed to meet the needs of people over the age of 50. Services offered include primary care, volunteering, and specialized medical care. The clinics offer other health care for patients 19 and older.

Broad Street, Scott County, TN The address of the Scott County Primary Care health center is 617 N. Broad Street, Scott County, TN. The address for the Main Street in Oneida, Tennessee is 423-569-6396.

The Baptist Primary and Senior Healthcare Center is located at 244 South Calderwood Street in Alcoa, TN 37701. The phone number to dial for care is (865) 681-2681.

The Baptist Primary and Senior Healthcare Center in West Hills, Tennova offers referrals, primary medical care, medications, and other programs to help patients. Call (865) 588-8143 for more information. Fees and bills that have a variable rate may be offered.

Campbell Station Rd, Farragut, TN 37934 The Baptist Primary and Senior Healthcare Center is a healthcare facility located in Farragut, Tennessee. The facility provides healthcare services to patients of all ages, including primary care, senior care, and other specialty services. The Campbell Station Road in Knoxville, Tennessee has a primary phone number of (865) 671-0798.

The Baptist Primary and Senior Healthcare Center is a healthcare facility located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The facility provides both primary and senior healthcare services. The center also has a phone number that patients can use to contact the facility.

Baptist Primary and Senior Healthcare Center is a hospital located at 939 Emerald Avenue, # 505 in Knoxville, TN. The hospital provides medical care for patients of all ages, from infants to seniors. To contact the hospital, call (865) 522-8922.

The Baptist Primary and Senior Healthcare Center – Tennova – Jefferson City is located at 1413 Russell Avenue in Jefferson City, TN. The center can be reached by calling (865) 471-0314.

The Baptist Primary and Senior Healthcare Center in Lenoir City, Tennessee, is a healthcare facility that provides care for seniors. The facility is located at 501 Adessa Parkway and the phone number is (865) 988-4398.

The Faith Family Medical Clinic offers a range of medical care services for families and individuals. To make an appointment, please call (615) 341-0808. This can include regular doctor visits, taking medication as prescribed, getting vaccinations, and other preventive measures. This means that if you have a low income or no insurance, you may be able to get health care services at a reduced price.

Call the Knox County Health Department at (865) 215-5170 to learn more about community health topics such as tobacco and drug use, sex, wellness and health promotion, breast cancer prevention, diabetes, nutrition, and hypertension.

The InterFaith Health Clinic provides mental health services to the community of Knoxville, Tennessee. The clinic is located at 315 Gill Avenue, and the phone number is 546-7330.

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