Assistance Program

La Plata County assistance programs.

Emergency assistance for bills

The United Way of Southwest Colorado has received a large grant that will be used to help more local residents. El Pomar and the Colorado Assistance Fund II grant program gave money to the cause. This fund was created to help people who are struggling because of the weak economy.

The United Way, located at 281 Sawyer Dr in Durango, was awarded $20,000 in funds. The homeless shelter and FLC program were each granted $5,000.

More people than ever before are asking for help with things like utilities and rent, and this extra money will let the United Way provide more assistance to people in the community.

Rent, mortgage, and utility bill assistance

HS offers resources and programs to help low to moderate income families and others who are struggling with their bills or debts.

The Eviction and Emergency Homeless Prevention Program provides rent assistance, cash grants, and other emergency aid to prevent people from being evicted from their homes. There is money available to pay for a mortgage, rent, and energy bills. This service provides assistance and guidance to people who are struggling with their housing situation. They can help you figure out what your options are and offer advice on what to do next. This means that people who are struggling to keep their homes will be given advice on how to prevent foreclosure, as well as information on government programs that can help them. Landlords and tenants who are having disputes will be able to resolve them, and people who need legal advice will be able to get it. The Department of Energy also manages the Weatherization Program, which helps people save money on their energy and heating bills. It will install energy saving upgrades to homes for free, such as wall, attic, and crawl space insulation, tune up furnaces, caulking, and other updates.

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