Lake County Ohio cooling bill assistance.

There are some options available for low income families in Lake County Ohio who are struggling to pay their cooling and air conditioning bills. is a non-profit agency that has been working for years to help low-income, under-employed, under-educated, and homeless individuals and families build healthier and stable lives. Lifeline, Inc. is a non-profit agency in Painesville Ohio that helps low-income, under-employed, under-educated, and homeless individuals and families build healthier and stable lives. The Home Energy Assistance Program’s summer crisis service helps people with their energy needs. The agency can help people with money, fans, and/or air conditioners if they qualify.

This program provides money to low income families, the working poor and people in poverty. Most of the aid goes to people who spend a large amount of their total household income towards paying their utility bills.

As the economy has weakened, the number of requests for information and applications for the federal government funded Home Energy Assistance Program have increased dramatically. Many Ohio families are having a difficult time staying cool during the summer, and the number of requests for assistance have increased.

will provide suicide intervention The staff from Lifeline Inc. will be there to help in case of a suicide intervention. We are receiving around 700 applications per year for the HEAP program. This is increasing by about ten percent each year. Lifeline is based in Painesville, Ohio, but provides services to the entire Lake County region. The staff from the non-profit organization process applications for the utility bill assistance program. This resource provides low-income and less fortunate people with assistance to pay for air conditioning and cooling bills. The agency can also provide other aid, such as free fans and even air conditioner units. has seen a decrease in volunteers helping with local events. LifeLine Inc. has fewer volunteers helping with local events than it did in the past. The organization has given out a number of fans and over 60 air conditioners to the people in the program.

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The HEAP Summer Crisis Program provides financial assistance to low-income Lake County households. This assistance can come in the form of grants, free fans, or AC units. Some of the eligibility requirements for the program include that the household must have a member who is 60 years or older. Households can provide documentation from a physician that cooling assistance is needed for a household member’s health. If you have a medical condition that gets worse when your utilities are shut off, you may qualify for financial assistance. The income guidelines for the HEAP Summer Crisis Program are something to keep in mind.

More people needed help during the summer because the economy was bad and unemployment was high. has provided a much-needed service to our community for many years. Lifeline Inc. has been a vital resource for our community for many years. The organization is also doing informational presentations at various senior citizen centers throughout Lake County to let people know more about the program.

To apply for assistance with cooling bills or to get a free fan or air conditioner, call the Lifeline Energy Assistance Office at 440-350-9160.

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