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Lancaster Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Lancaster Pennsylvania offers financial assistance and other aid. Programs can help with things like food, clothes, and other necessities. They can also help with things like holidays and events. The agency can help with food, clothing, rent, medical and dental assistance, and gasoline vouchers.

Some programs that are offered to families in Lancaster during different seasons are sending children to summer camp, back-to-school assistance, and special Christmas and holiday resources.

The Salvation Army units in the area provide families in need with information on and access to emergency services. This non-profit helps people in need by giving them money or helping them apply for government aid. There are two locations, one at 1244 Manheim Pike in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the other at 131 South Queen Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The phone number for the first location is (717) 290-1605 and the phone number for the second location is (717) 397-7565.

Social services are offered to help address the needs of the working poor and less fortunate individuals in the community. Case managers strive to provide individuals with comprehensive care that meets their physical, financial, emotional, and economic needs. The agency strives to help as many people as possible in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

There is always a high demand for food assistance from meal programs, soup kitchens, and food pantries. Some of the most basic social service and assistance programs are offered throughout the area. The Salvation Army has a food pantry at most of its local centers. This pantry is for low income families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. The Salvation Army will be providing special assistance during Christmas time at their pantries and food distribution centers across Lancaster. This time of year can be difficult for many households, both financially and emotionally. Meals served at the centers are typically cold.

Salvation Army offers free counseling services for a wide array of needs. The Salvation Army provides spiritual guidance and refers clients to other agencies that may offer additional resources.

If you need help finding a job or accessing training, there are resources available to assist you. There are many programs that help people find jobs in their area. These programs provide things like support and resources to help people succeed in their job search. In addition to providing help with interview techniques, resume building, and job search skills, the Salvation Army’s free career programs also assist individuals in finding meaningful employment opportunities in the Lancaster County area by providing access to online tools and other resources.

The holiday season is a time when people need extra things like toys for their children, gifts, meals, and winter coats. So during the Christmas season, the Salvation Army receives donations of clothing and gifts from thousands of community members and businesses. The donations are used to help families, seniors, and children who are in need. Toys for Tots is not administered by The Salvation Army in Lancaster County. Individuals should contact The Marine Corps to see who is administering this program.

The volunteers from the Lancaster Salvation Army go out to help families who may be feeling alone during the holiday season. Volunteers will visit nursing home residents and hospital patients to bring them happiness, toys, gifts, meals, and companionship.

The Salvation Army is a organization that helps people in need during difficult times, such as after a natural disaster. This national non-profit organization is especially good at responding to disasters such as floods and fires. Food, water, and shelter can be provided to victims.

Emergency shelters in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area are open to all homeless men, women, and families who need help. In addition to having a place to stay, comprehensive services are available to all types of families. The staff at the shelter will help people and be kind and fair to everyone. Social workers help people with their problems and meet their basic needs.

The Salvation Army emergency shelters in the region provide clean and safe housing. In addition to providing food assistance, they also offer other activities such as arts and crafts, senior centers, holiday meals, and even field trips. Some shelters also offer additional services such as medical care and free legal services through partnerships with other non-profit organizations. Others may provide job placement or counseling services.

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