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Lebanon County assistance programs.

Heating bill help

In Pennsylvania, families who receive help from the state’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to pay for their home heating bills can apply for the program in November.

To qualify for assistance, an applicant must meet certain criteria, and simply submitting an application does not guarantee that assistance will be granted.

The program offers cash grants that are based on family size, household income, the type of heating fuel used, and the region where someone lives. In addition to emergency crisis grants, there are other grants available in January. These grants are given out in emergency situations where someone might not have access to things like fuel or heat. This could be because their heating equipment is broken, or they’re about to be without fuel or heating service.

8th St., Lebanon, PA 17042 If you want to learn more or apply, you can go to the Lebanon County Assistance Office at 625 S. 8th St., Lebanon, PA 17042. You can contact the library on Eighth Street, or by calling 273-1641. Other agencies and companies that help with bills and expenses also have applications for LIHEAP.

Last year’s pay outs from the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program for a family of four living in Lebanon County were:  electric, $860; natural gas, $935; fuel and heating oil, $1,323; coal, $493; kerosene, $1,450; wood or other, $576; and propane, $860.

Grants for crisis and emergency assistance

The federal government is giving up to $100,000 to the county for a wide ranging assistance program. The funds will be administered by non-profit and government agencies in the county. If you live in Lebanon County, you may be able to get some financial help from the government through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program. This program provides grants to help pay for things like food, shelter, utilities, and even rent or mortgage payments. There are other ways to get mortgage and foreclosure help in Pennsylvania. This button will take you to a different page.

If you are wanting to apply or learn more, you can contact the Lebanon County Community Action Partnership.

The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to people in need. It is the primary agency to call for help in Lebanon County. They provide many programs for people who are poor, elderly, disabled, or have low incomes. If you are unemployed and it is not your fault, you may also be able to get help. Some resources that may be available are free food from a pantry, housing assistance, clothing from a thrift store, and very limited amounts of financial aid for bills.

This non-profit’s main focus is on helping people become self-sufficient. The Department of Labor’s website provides information on job programs, sign up for financial literacy workshops in Lebanon, and access similar services. This phrase is asking the reader to look further into the topic being discussed. It is a way of saying that there is more to be learned on this subject.

The Community Action Agency is a non-profit organization that offers assistance and social services to seniors, low income, and working poor. The agency provides various programs to help with things such as child care, transportation, housing, and case management. Some help comes from referrals and similar programs. Case managers can help people get ready for the GED, find information and resources, get ready for a job, and learn life skills. There are two main programs that help with energy costs, LIHEAP and weatherization. LIHEAP provides financial assistance to help low-income households pay their energy bills, and weatherization helps to make homes more energy efficient.

The community action agency is a state-run organization that provides assistance to low-income families and individuals. It works closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide housing, food, and other assistance to those in need. The agency does its best to meet emergency needs of the less fortunate, even though funding is limited. The Lebanon County Community Action Agency can be found at 503 Oak Street in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Call the number (717) 273-9328.

The Lebanon County Assistance Office can help people who are working poor, unemployed, or struggling to apply for federal and state benefits. The office can provide emergency cash, food stamps, financial aid, childcare payments, medical assistance/SSI advocacy, and also emergency fuel assistance for eligible participants. Fort Street. The office is on 625 S. Fort Street. If you need to reach us, please call (717) 270-3600 and ask for the 8th St. extension.

There are places in Lebanon County where you can get help with your rent if you have an emergency. The funds are frequently used in conjunction with other housing programs. There are a number of organizations that can provide help with housing needs in an emergency situation. These include charities that run emergency shelters, the government (which may provide security deposit, mortgage, or one-time rent assistance), and churches or other non-profit organizations.

Since there is a lot of demand, there is not a lot of money available. There is often a priority for rent assistance for senior citizens, single mothers, or the disabled. Some tenants may be given loans if they run out of money. There are other programs that can help with rent besides the Lebanon County Housing Assistance Program.

The Lebanon County Area Agency on Aging focuses on helping seniors and the elderly. There are many resources available to seniors, such as information and referral services, senior community centers, health insurance counseling, home delivered meals, and other protective services. The address is 710 Maple Street, Second Floor, Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17046. The phone numbers are (717) 273-9262 or (717) 274-1439.

The JOY food pantry is at St. John’s United Church of Christ. The non-profit helps people who live in the Northern Lebanon School District who are having a hard time getting food. 120 Market Street in Jonestown, PA is a house with a 717-306-9025 phone number.

Christian Ministries may be able to help with things like food and shelter. The charity provides families in need with free food, prescriptions, energy bill assistance, water/sewer assistance and clothing. The phone number is seven hundred seventeen, two hundred seventy-two, four thousand four hundred.

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